Trafalgar Cases Ltd


Manufacturer of Industrial Packaging in Plywood, Softwood and Heavy Duty Corrugated Board.

  Trafalgar Cases are dedicated to manufacturing Industrial Packaging to meet the specific needs of our customers. As this website shows, we provide a wide variety of cases manufactured from Plywood, Softwood and Heavy Duty Corrugated Board. Whether you require a one-trip export or multi-trip home trade pack, we will provide a solution to meet your exact requirements.
        Quality Products          

Trafalgar Cases manufacture all of its products from the best quality materials available. All products are manufactured by a skilled workforce following rigorous quality control systems laid down in our ISO 9002 approved quality manual.

        Design Capability          
    Trafalgar Cases offer customers added value with their design capability. Where a solution to a packaging problem is needed, our expertise means that you waste less of your time and money on a "make-do" basis. At Trafalgar, we endeavour to get it right first time, every time and help to ensure that your products are always packed cost effectively.  
        Reliable Service          
    All orders placed with Trafalgar are subject to standards laid down in ISO 9002. We ensure prompt order processing, attention to detail during production and guarantee order fulfilment on due date.
  We are giving our full support to the Timber Trade Federation, the Forests Forever Campaign and the International Tropical Timber Organisation, in their continuous efforts to encourage and ensure that sustained yield practices are achieved as soon as practicable in forests everywhere.


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