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At Transdek, we manufacture and supply a fantastic range of loading bay equipment and goods lifts to service the movement of products at DC’s, stores and factories. We supply the V2G loading system, proving rapid lift action and efficient product handling. The V2G loading system uses state of the art technology to load and unload goods.   

Mezzanine Floor Lifts

We supply mezzanine floor lifts, designed to provide reliable and safe access to storage areas. Our unrivaled mezzanine floor lifts are compact, cost effective and quick to install.

Double Deck Lifts

We supply double deck lifts are designed to be fast, efficient and safe. Our double deck lifts are suitable for double deck trailer deliveries at the DC, factory and retail store.   

Scissor Lifts

Our hydraulic scissor lifts suit a variety of applications within factories, loading bays and warehouses. Our scissor lifts are available in standard or custom-built designs to suit your requirements.

Dock Leveller Loadhouses

We supply dock leveller loadhouses for factories, retail outlets and distribution hubs. Our dock leveller loadhouses are reliable and provide heavy duty operation.

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