Transnordic Hydraulics Ltd


With our extensive range of valves Transnordic Hydraulics are able to solve the vast majority of your system requirements and design possibilities.

All of our marine hydraulic control and diverter valves are protected from the elements with our marine kits which include stainless and gun metal components for an extended life.

Transnordic also promote the Scanreco complete radio remote control system.

Electro/hydraulic proportional control systems are available upon request.

Our sister company Transnordic Ltd based in Kent is a specialist UK manufacturer of mobile hydraulic control valves, diverter and circuit valves up to 300 ltr/min and 320 bar. We excel in designing and manufacturing special design valves to solve any system requirement.

For more information regarding the special valve design service please email us on

You can access product information and brochures covering the complete programme of hydraulic control valves on our website

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