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Through dissolved gas analysis and monitoring the insulating oil quality, we can help ensure reliable plant operation and the integrity of a transformer. The early detection of faults in transformers through dissolved gas analysis will greatly reduce unplanned power outages and improve the reliability of your service.

The cost of replacing a power transformer is high, but monitoring the performance of the transformer via the oil is inexpensive in comparison.

Transformer Condition Monitoring

We perform transformer condition monitoring, a reliable diagnostic tool to protect large, expensive transformers. We can apply the process at a reasonable cost to all sizes and types of oil-insulated plant.

Our transformer condition monitoring process includes analysing:

  • Resistivity and Dissipation Factor
  • Acidity
  • Water Content
  • Electric Strength
  • Colour
  • Appearance
  • Odour
  • Sediment
  • Fibres
Transformer Condition Monitoring

Transformer Fault Detection

We can protect your plant by performing transformer fault detection services. Faults in transformers are caused in many ways, and they can either affect your process within microseconds or over years at a time.

With transformer fault detection, we often can contain the damage caused by the defect or failure.

Transformer Fault Detection

Test Service

We provide a comprehensive condition monitoring service for each transformer. Through our database management, previous test analysis results can be accessed in order to monitor trends.

Test service results can also be compiled in Excel format should the client require more detailed information.

Test Service

Range of Oil Analysis Services

Transoil Laboratory provides a comprehensive range of oil analysis services. We offer our monitoring and testing service to ensure the reliable operation of your plant and machinery.

Our range of oil analysis services include:

  • Oil/Fluid Condition
  • Contaminants
  • Transformer Condition Monitoring
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) - Furans Analysis
Range of Oil Analysis Services

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