Transvac Systems Ltd


Transvac manufactures custom deigned Ejector systems for the process industries. With over 30 years experience on the application of Ejectors, backed by a comprehensive list of references, Transvac’s position as a world leader in this technology is firmly established.

Applications include:-

Heating Liquids
Inline silent Jet Heaters
Intank Direct Injection Heaters

Corrosion resistant Steam Ejector Systems
Steam Ejector/Liquid Ring Pump Sets
Multi-stage Steam Ejector Systems
Troubleshooting vacuum problems
Onsite training

Pumping Liquids & Powders
Pumping/mixing liquids using Jet Pumps
Pumping/mixing powders with liquids using Jet Pumps
Nuclear waste pumping

Steam & Gas Cooling
Full range of Desuperheaters

Energy Conservation
Thermocompressors to compress waste steam
Flare/Vent gas recovery Ejectors
Natural Gas compression using Ejectors

Gas Scrubbing
Complete range of Scrubbing systems

Water Treatment
Acid/caustic dilution using Jet Pumps
Ozone Jet Compressors
Activated carbon (PAC) dosing Eductors
Jet Mixers
Venturi Aerators

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