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Here at Trident Engineering, we supply a fantastic assortment of DC motors suitable for a wide variety of applications. Our DC motors are designed for precise speed control without any effect on power quality. Our products are widely used in laboratory processes by many pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical companies.  

Geared Motors

We specialise in bespoke engineering, allowing us to provide you with custom geared motors to meet your specifications. We will modify your geared motors with your requirements, including output shaft modifications, leadwires and connectors or special bracket assemblies. 

Stepper Motors

We supply bespoke stepper motors to suit almost any demanding application. We produce stepper motors using the latest material and construction technologies available.

Brushless Motors

We provide cost effective and high performance brushless motors. We stock ironless and ironcore brushless motors, ranging in size from 8mm to 66mm with power from 0.2W to 276W.


Our innovative gearheads use spur gear and planetary technologies. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service, together with continuing research and development to ensure satisfaction for the most demanding gearhead applications.

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