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Trident Foams Ltd

Trident Foams is a manufacturer of rigid polyurethane products

Here at Trident we pride ourselves on our service , product quality, product range and customer care.

As a manufacturer we are able to supply goods cost effectively and distribute at economical prices for customers both large and small.

Because we manufacture from basic raw materials, we can offer a very wide range of product types. All areas of urethane production are covered as can be seen below.

Tripor The building blocks of urethane, a range of liquid systems capable of producing a variety of products by the customer.

Autofroth®/Autopor A semi automatic liquid dispensing system for large quantity production, at a low price.

Tricast Sheet materials provided for insulation, structural laminate and model making.

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Tricast is a range of rigid polyurethane foam sheets, its possible uses are almost as wide and varied as the imagination. From the lowest density to the highest, all materials can be used as shaping media for models or GRP formers, insulation, floatation, even as a structural part of a composite. Each material has a range of physical properties, one of which could be suitable for your application. Its high resistance to the more common solvents makes it easy to bond, fill, spray paint finish, laminate with polyester resins, providing a versatile and economic medium.

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“Tancast” was specially developed for use in the Aerospace industry but has found increasing application in those areas of production engineering where C.N.C machine tools are used.

It properties make it ideal material for training purposes where the low cutting forces involved ensure that unintentional machining does not result in broken tools or the workpiece being snatched from the chuck. In addition the high feed rates which are possible allow more complex exercises to be set and carried out in a shorter time.

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Tripor is a range of two part liquid foam systems, designed for easy use by inexperienced operators with simple tools. Liquid components A and B when mixed together react to form a foam structure. A wide variety of Tripor types are available to provide finished materials specific to the needs of the end user. It’s most popular uses include moulded products, cavity infill, and insitu buoyancy.

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Autofroth is a unique system designed to be cost effective and user friendly. Up to one third the price of conventional equipment, the system only requires a 240v electrical system, compressed air and bottled nitrogen. Because there are no pumps or mechanical mixers, moving parts are reduced to an absolute minimum. This not only cuts maintenance and down time costs, but makes for a simple operating system.

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M.H.D. is more specifically aimed at signage and rapid prototyping markets. It has all the qualities of Tancast, but with an extremely fine cell, giving an ideal surface for presentation finishing. M.H.D. 100 and 200 are widely used in signage.

Their lower densities provides a cost effective rapid machining system coupled with an ability to resist the elements. It has a fine cell structure which gives an excellent surface to finish in either cellulose or twin pack paints.

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