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Troax Lee Manufacturing offers a wide variety of Single and Double skinned partitioning to suit every requirement - Factory and Warehouse Division, Interior Office construction, Protection from Automated Processes, Cleanroom Partitioning, the possibilities are endless!  Call us today for a quotation.

Bastion Modular Steel Partitioning

Bastion is a partitioning system with exceptional strength and Durability, which forms a highly secure perimeter.  Its robust angle frame makes it the ideal choice for preventing enclosed areas from intrusion, keeping high-value contents safe.  Contact us for further details or a quotation.

Sigma Single Skin Modular Steel Partitioning

Sigma Steel Partitioning is completely demountable, making it ideal for flexible factory, warehouse, and storage envirements.  Widely used for enclosing paint lines and coating furnaces, Sigma partitioning is particularly useful for enclosing working areas where appearance is important but without the extra cost of a double skin system.  Contact us today for more information!

Elan - Double Skin Modular Steel Partitioning

Elan is a modular system for enclosures and divisions where appearance, strength, and insulation are required.  Our Elan system offers a versatile, attractive appearance for any working environment, from industrial cantens and facilities to laboratirues and museum display areas. 

Elan panels can also be supplied in a fully fire-rated version, and noise reduction capabilities are also offered. 

The Elan modular steel partitioning system can be supplied complete with a full range of proprietary suspended ceilings with tiles covering the full spectrum of textures and designs.  Additional optional features include integrated blinds and fully-glazed panels.

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Titan Double Skin Steel Partitioning - Ideal for Cleanroom Applications

Troax Lee Manufacturing's Titan range has been designed specifically for cleanroom applications.  Its two line junction keeps dust traps to a minimum, and its powder coated finish is an ideal surface for clean environments.  It is also completely demountable, enabling one panel to be removed without having to dismantle the entire enclosure.  All hardware and accessories come in stainless steel as standard due to its exceptional clean properties.

Details such as flush glazing eliminate ledges and improve aesthetics.  In Higher Class cleanrooms all joints can be silicone sealed to stop air loss and further reduce particle traps.  Integral magnetic blinds are also available, which are controlled by a removable and portable dial, freeing the panel face from unnecessary clultter.

Titan can be multi-tiered and profiled for both warehouse and office divisions to create a more appropriate environment in specialied areas. 

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Troax Lee Manufacturing offers a full complement of ceiling options.  From our Lee Grid and Lee Span ranges to all steel, steel tile, and other aesthetic features, we have ceilings to accompany all of our partitioning ranges.

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