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Presswork UK

Presswork UK

Trout Tool Company designs, manufactures and repairs press tools for single stroke and multi-stage progression tools and dies. We provide toolmaking services for both inhouse presswork requirements as well as for use with external customers press machines.

Electrodischarge machining is undertaken using 2 submerged, autowire, (24 hour operation) automatic wire feed erosion (x500mm y370mm z300mm) machines, both less than 2 years old.

We offer presswork services in a range of materials, working from sheet or coil stock with thicknesses of up to 10mm. With power presses ranging from 5 tons to 120 tons capacity we are ideally suited to both low volume specials as well as medium/high volume batch runs.

Services include:

  • EDM
  • Spark Eroding
  • Hole Burning
  • CNC Machining
  • Presswork
  • Shearing
  • Metalwork
  • Assembly
  • CAD Design

We also operate a complete quality control system for product inspection, and support clients kanban, JIT programs and line side supply.

Presswork UK


Our advanced EDM department allows us to machine a wide range of materials to exacting tolerances. Precision accuracy and optimum surface finish are achieved using advanced generator settings from “artificial intelligence” combined with the stability of submerged cutting conditions.
Auto wire vertical function to maintain squareness of wire to workpiece. Multi skim cutting and taper mode cutting optional dependent on specification of part to be machined. We have the option of standard 0.25mm diameter wire or 0.1mm diameter wire. Both of our machines have standard powered Z axis for accurate repeatability of height setting.

Erosion of hardened tool steels has long been the advantage of wire erosion which we now support with the EDM drilling of start holes for wire access eradicating lost time through conventional drill breakage. We wire erode a wide range of materials including mild steel/tool steel, aluminium, brass, stainless steel, nicrosil, nisil, carbide, nickel aluminium, nickel chrome, mazak, aluminium bronze, mumetal and inconel 600/625. The absence of any cutting force during the EDM process allows precision finishing of materials considered “difficult” to machine using conventional methods.

We also stock pre-tapped and heat treated tool steel to allow a rapid repair/replacement service on punches and dies/inserts to compliment our production press shop and ensure minimum downtime on tool repair


Spark Eroding

  • Fuzzy logic control giving optimum machine parameter setting and repeatable cutting conditions.
  • Reduced electrode wear.
  • Single or multi step functions to suit all spark erosion applications.
  • 5 optional cutting modes to suit finish/application/machining time.
  • Pendant control to aid workpiece/electrode setting.


  • Graphite-steel
  • Copper-Aluminium
  • Copper-steel
  • Steel-steel
  • Graphite-aluminium

1 x Spark Eroding: Joemers EDM machine (JM322 +AZ50), x300mm y200mm z200mm

Spark Eroding


As a natural progression from our press toolmaking origins and with repeated requests from our existing customers to add a “small run” facility to our in house design and manufacture of press tools Metal Shapes and Pressings Ltd was incorporated in 1996.

With an initial single 40 ton hme press the company has expanded to four factory spaces with a range of presses from 5-120 tonnes. A hydraulic shear was added in 2004 to our plant to reduce lead times on material waiting and improve flexibility on short run presswork requirements reducing excessive coil stocks and providing our customers with a fast and effective small batch capability. While doing this we have kept our coil fed capability to accommodate medium to high batch quantities.

Learning our trade in the automotive industry we have since expanded our customer base to include aerospace, electrical, computer, construction, food and medical industries.

We provide a clean and safe environment for our employees whilst constantly improving our working methods, training and organisational skills to improve our efficiency and meet the requirements of our customers.

Working from sheet/cut blanks, strip, wire and coil. In house guillotining. Production from progression, pierce and blank, pierce and crop, form, compound, draw, swaging, rivetting and assembly tools.

Ancillary operations added to our capability include production tapping (multi head and rotary), spin rivetting, spot welding.


CNC Machining

Ideally suited for low to medium volume work, the our Hurco CNC machining centre can undertake milling of components upto 1m wide. As well as billet machining we also undertake the machining of aluminium & bronze castings as well as certain plastics. The CNC mill is network attached which means that off line programming can be sent direct from the CAD department.

1 x Hurco VM2 (x1000mm y470mm z470mm)

40 taper, 8000 RPM spindle

UltiMax control and software tools

16-station, automatic, swing-arm tool changer

Rapid traverse X,Y,Z axis 750 (ipm)

CNC Machining

CNC Turning

Ideally suited for low to medium volume work, the our Hurco CNC slant-bed turning center with its true slant-bed offers the latest in CNC turning functionality, including high accuracy, repeatability and reliability. Fully programmable offline, we can now offer, as of December 2007, a rapid turn around on turned parts, a true complement to our state of the art machine shop capacity.

1 x Hurco TM6 (x177mm z355mm)

6-inch chuck & 10 inches cutting diameter

High speed 6,000 RPM spindle

Rapid Traverse X, Z Axis (ipm) 750 / 945

Constant surface speed

Bar Feeder

CNC Turning

Tool Repair

 We carry out in-house tool repairs and regrinds  support of our own productivity as well as offering repair services to external customers. This service also includes a rapid response service, which can be coupled with an all inclusive maintenance and service plan if required at minimal cost.

Tool Repair

Press Tool Design

We offer a full tool design service direct to customer specification and drawings as well as reverse engineering from existing components. Design work includes compound and multistage tools upto x: 1000mm and y: 600mm.

We operate a 100mb Windows network with CAD/CAM facilities and a design office equipped with an colour A0 plotter.

  • AutoCAD LT 2006
  • Fully networked CAD stations are located in both the design studio as well as the shop floor allowing easy access to CAD/CAM information at design and production level.

Systems currently in use include:

  • AutoCAD LT 2006
  • CAMRite 7.7.25
  • Precision CAD CAM
Press Tool Design

Stock + Transport Management

We operate a full stock management system allowing us to provide annual call off, JIT and Kanban services.

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Stock + Transport Management
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