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Tungum Ltd has over 75 years experience in the supply of hydraulic & pneumatic equipment. In addition to Tungum alloy, we source and supply tubing - (in every type of base material), valves, compression fittings, regulators, condensate chambers, enclosures and cabinets. Whatever it is, we are experts at finding the right part at the right price in the time scales you need.

Our Tungum Alloy is a corrosion resistant tube being used in the most hostile of environments. Oil & Gas production, fighting vehicles, nuclear power and marine hydraulic pipework, are just a few industrial sectors where Tungum tube consistently outperforms the competition.


Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry are turning away from the orthodox platforms we are used to seeing to FPSOs (Floating Platform and Storage Operations). Their main attraction is that being easier to move from one area to another they offer considerable operational savings.

B.P. have approved Tungum tubing for "non process" applications (GP36-15-1). The Tungum has passed extensive testing and is segment defined for mitigating and preventing external corrosion on topside small bore tubing.

The application of our Tungum tubing into the offshore diving industry hinged upon the inherent safety of the material in oxygen lines and superior corrosion protection. Also builders of diving equipment have found that the ductility and ease of installation of Tungum tubing offer significant labour cost saving, when compared to stainless steel, which can be as much as 40% depending on the complexity of the system. A large saturation dive system may consist of maybe three chambers, a hyper baric lifeboat, a diving bell and its handling gear and control cabin. Such an outfit can consume in excess of 5 Km of tubing for the oxygen, mixed gas, air hydraulic and divers water heating system lines.

Tungum are the UK agent for CPV Manufacturing Inc, USA range of 'O' seal valves and fittings.




Hydraulic and pneumatic pipes which consist of control lines, brake pipes, fuel lines and climatic control circuits. Tungum tube is used in these application because of its high strength, corrosion resistance, clean bore, high resistance to fatigue and shock. Also its ease of manipulation, installation, flushing and commissioning are other desirable benefits. Tungum produce the complete pipe, bent to drawing, with associated fittings, brackets etc.

Tungum is also used for hydraulic traverse gear and auto-load systems on mobile and static gun's such as the Bofors "Trinity" and Archer FH77. The primary reasons for using Tungum for such applications is it's high fatigue resistance and excellent corrosion properties.




Tungum has been used in transportation applications for many years. Safety systems such as breaking pneumatic and hydraulic lines. Tungum corrosion and fatique resistance is unrivaled for systems such as these.

UK's rolling stock has used and continues to specify Tungum for it's breaking systems and lines.



The commercial marine industry have made good use of Tungum tube in overcoming the corrosion problems they face. Roll on roll off ferries use it on the exposed lines associated with bow visors and bow and stern door ramps. This usage has also spread to Tungum being used the hydraulic systems on link spans, which once built are often buried or inaccessible. Design and Installation Engineers in this sector are often asked to guarantee a system for 25 years but will only do so if the system is a Tungum one. A major mechanical services consultant has given their own 50 year guarantee on a hydraulic system for the Colne river barrage near Colchester. A current example of this type of installation would be the Link span at the Holyhead ferry terminal.

Tungum are the UK agent for CPV Manufacturing Inc, USA range of 'O' seal valves and fittings. There is not one typical application for their valves and fittings but marine applications include industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems. The CPV fittings provide not only leak proof sealing on potential hazardous gases but the ability to maintain the seal when subject to vibration. CPV's fittings are available with a wide range of rubber O ring seals to suit each specific application.

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