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Turnbull & Scott are mechanical & electrical engineers specialising in the generation, transfer and recovery of heat.

Our Industrial Heat Exchanger business designs, and manufactures high end, heavy duty, reliable heat exchangers to efficiently transfer heat between a variety of liquids and gasses.

What differentiates our high quality UK manufactured extended surface heat exchangers from others?

The robust, heavy duty design is specifically applicable to target harsh operating environments with difficult access where the prolonged life span of our products is most valued.

Industrial applications include space heating, process drying, cooling and heat recovery within the Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Food processing, Paper & Packaging, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical marketplaces.

Our design capabilities and experience allows us to develop bespoke products for each application using a variety of heating mediums, construction methods and materials.

Turnbull & Scott (Engineers) Ltd also manufactures a full range of Commercial Space Heating products for the public sector, commercial, and industrial buildings.

All our products are custom built to the specification of our clients and ideal for use in offices, factories, warehouses, schools, hospitals, sports centres, prisons, and any other high amenity public buildings.

Our current commercial heating systems range includes: 

• Finned Tube Radiators    ® Thermolier Unit Heaters   • Trench Heating   • Radiant Panel Heating

Turnbull & Scott (Engineers) Ltd have eighty years’ experience in the generation, transfer and recovery of heat, and we are passionate about our role in introducing cost saving renewable Biomass Heating System technologies to our customers, most of whom, are high energy users.

To this end we have invested vast amounts of resource into researching and developing Renewable Energy through the use of Biomass Boilers.

Our experienced design team can carry out initial consultation, and thermodynamic design including heat-loss calculations for your project.

Having obtained a wealth of experience from a diverse range of clients in the Agricultural, Industrial, Leisure, Local Authority, NHS, and Retail sectors, you can have complete confidence in our ability to ensure the perfect Biomass heating system for your needs, both functionally and financially.

Turnbull & Scott (Engineers) Ltd work within a robust quality management system, accredited to ISO9001 and ISO 18001 standards across our business.

All products and critical components are manufactured to the specific requirements of our clients under this recognised quality management system and our quality processes also extend within our supply chain.

Maintaining quality standards throughout our business is an important focus for us and we are extremely proud of our consistent achievements in delivering very high rates of On-time delivery, extremely low product return rates, and exceptional customer satisfaction.

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