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Turner Access’ Aluminium Access Towers are designed and manufactured in Glasgow, Scotland through quality systems accredited to ISO9001:2008 and BS EN 1004:2004.

Ease of use, safety and outstanding durability are the hallmarks of an Aluminium Tower manufactured by Turner Access and are features derived from our continuous search for improved product design and performance for working safely at height.

Our Aluminium Tower range consists of the OCTO® Aluminium Tower and BETA® Aluminium Tower types. Both Aluminium Tower types utilise Collective Protection Equipment, in the form of an Integral Advance Guardrail (BetaGuard®).

Scaffolding Platforms

Tried and tested on thousands of jobs across countless industries, Turner's System Scaffolding is much more than a conventional scaffold system. Combining safety, strength and versatility, utilising Turner's System Scaffolding allows you to maximise your productivity making our System Scaffolding the most cost effective system in the market.  

Through attention to detail, innovative thinking and a sheer unwillingness to compromise on performance, Turner's System Scaffolding is the scaffold system that single-handedly does everything other systems can almost do combined.

Our solutions guarantee: 

  • Identification of areas of cost saving 
  • Improvement suggestion in relation to health & safety and corporate sustainability in general
Scaffolding Platforms

Access and Scaffolding Specialists

Turner Access demonstrates expertise across design, development and manufacture of the most innovative and safest access and scaffolding products for working safely at height.

Turner Access’ Manufacturing Division is responsible for the manufacture of Aluminium Access Towers, Low Level Access Equipment, and award winning Collective Protection Equipment including the innovative BetaGuard® Integral Advance Guardrail.

Our Manufacturing Division is accredited with ISO 9001:2008 and BSOHSAS 18001:2007.

Turner Access prides itself on quality, from material purchased through to the quality of finished components, and is continually investing to support and improve its manufacturing capability and capacity.

Access and Scaffolding Specialists

Collective Protection (Fall Prevention)

As a safety driven company, we are committed to providing safer systems of work in the erection, dismantling and alteration of scaffold structures.

This is achieved with Collective Protection (fall prevention) Equipment. Turner Access believes that this dedication to providing safer systems of work falls under a moral responsibility as well as legal obligation. Our pioneering developments in Collective Protection (fall prevention) Technology have resulted in us becoming recognised in the access marketplace as an industry leader in promoting and providing innovative solutions to working safely at height.

Pioneering at BEST PRACTICE Level 1 and 3 of the Hierarchy of Measures and in full compliance with the Work at Height Regulations 2005, we can provide complete fall prevention with our Advance Guardrails (Collective Protection) and specialist training courses.

Turner Access created the world’s first comprehensive Collective Protection Guidance Manual to prevent the risk of fall (achieving fall prevention) during erection, dismantle and alteration for all types of temporary equipment including traditional Tube and Fittings, System Scaffold, composite towers and falsework in all of the main configurations.

Collective Protection (Fall Prevention)

Integral Advance Guardrail System - BetaGuard®

Turner Access continues to provide safer systems of work with the development of another Collective Protection Solution - BetaGuard®, an INTEGRAL Advance Guardrail System for use on Aluminium Towers.

Assembling and dismantling aluminium towers must comply with the standards set out by the Work at Height Regulations 2005. Hierarchical requirements place collective protection over mitigation options. As an advance guardrail system the BetaGuard® provides Best Practice Collective Protection, but without the Manual Handling problems associated with current Industry practice.

The BetaGuard® simplifies tower erection by eliminating the need for both horizontal and diagonal braces, reducing the main components to a total of three. Utilisation and asset management is achieved with ease as individual single bracing members more susceptible to loss, damage and theft are replaced.

Other benefits of the BetaGuard® Advance Guardrail System include its ability to act as a bridging component to bridge towers, removing the need for bridging lattice beams. Tower erection without trip hazards at base level and a walk in/through facility with high clearance is automatically achieved.

Through creative design the BetaGuard® Advance Guardrail System provides Affordable Innovation, Achievable Safety and Astounding Simplicity.

Integral Advance Guardrail System - BetaGuard®

Work At Height Safety Training

Turner Access Training Department can offer a range of work at height Training Courses ensuring operatives are achieving Best Practice in Access & Scaffolding operations. Turner Access Training Centres are available in Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Courses include:

  • PASMA - How to use mobile access towers safely and productively.
  • IPAF - Safe use of powered access in day to day applications.
  • COLLECTIVE PROTECTION - Preventing the risk of fall from height with ‘Fall Prevention’ Methodology
  • LOW LEVEL ACCESS - A safer alternative to ladders, steps and trestles.
  • SYSTEM SCAFFOLDING - Using Turner’s Scaffolding System incorporating Advance Guardrails.
  • HARNESS AWARENESS - Training that will instruct a user to select, inspect and use a harness safely.
  • MANUAL HANDLING - Training on the safe movement of objects in the workplace. Also gives details of legal duties and obligations.
  • SA-FE (SYSTEM ACCESS FALL ELIMINATION) - Training for system scaffolding and associated equipment.
  • ACCESS EQUIPMENT SELECTION - Aims to give all people at work an awareness of their responsibilities in selecting and using appropriate access equipment for work at height.
  • BEHAVIOURAL SAFETY - Behavioural Safety Training explores the relationship and attitude towards safety.
Work At Height Safety Training

Scaffold Contracts Service

Scaffolding Contracts Glasgow and West Central Scotland

Our Safe System Of Work Is Yours - proven through Best Practice Systems of work that we deploy in the provision of our scaffolding contracts service throughout Glasgow, West Central Scotland and beyond.

Turner Access scaffolding Contracts Division supply System Scaffolding on a full contracting basis throughout Glasgow and West Central Scotland; including everything from initial site survey and risk assessment, design and method preparation, through to on-site assembly and dismantling.

Best Practice Systems of work are achieved throughout our scaffolding contract service by the use of “collective protection” measures in FULL compliance of the Work at Height Regulations 2005 (6.3). This in essence ensures your compliance under those, and other Statutory Regulations, not least CDM which makes both Client and Main Contractor also responsible for the work practices of their sub-contractors and/or those directly employed under them.

The UNIQUE benefits of Turner's Scaffolding System, when backed by our full scaffolding contracts package, are the ideal solution for all your access needs, while ensuring that all duty holders are not exposed to the risk of criminal or civil litigation in the event of an accident.

Turner Access Contracts Division is used widely by many Local Authorities and major contractors throughout Glasgow, West Central Scotland and areas of the UK. Each contract undertaken is carried out professionally, safely and efficiently by our fully trained personnel. Quick assembly and dismantling speeds are essential prerequisites for any successful contracts service. Not only does it allow a quick turnaround for any project but, perhaps more importantly for competitive tendering, ensures that costs are kept to a minimum.

Turner Access Contracts Division also offers fully certified training programmes to cover erection and dismantling, and design and engineering consultancy to meet the most demanding specification.

Scaffold Contracts Service

Low Level Access Solutions

In response to the Work at Height Regulations 2005, and as a safer alternative to ladders, steps and trestles, there are a number of Low Level Access Solutions now available. 

Turner Access’ Aluminium Products are designed and manufactured in Glasgow, Scotland through quality systems accredited to ISO9001:2008 and BS EN 1004:2004.    Ease of use, safety and outstanding durability are the hallmarks of Low Level Access equipment manufactured by Turner Access and are features derived from our continuous search for improved product design and performance.    Also available are Low Level Access Solutions manufactured from System Scaffolding. Please ask for more details
Low Level Access Solutions


The Deltadeck 250 low level access unit is one complete unit which assembles and dismantles in less than a minute, allowing easy transportation and storage.  

With multiple working heights to choose from, Deltadeck 250 low level access solution is ideal for those needing flexibility when working at heights of 3m and below.    The Deltadeck 250 low level access unit is suitable for finishing contractors, general maintenance for everyday use and facilities management.  

Aluminium Bridging System

The Omegadeck 250 is the innovative aluminium bridging system from Turner Access, providing you with effortless up-and-over access. 

The Omegadeck 250 is ideally used in offices and manufacturing environments, the Omegadeck aluminium bridging system provides quick and easy access over workstations and machinery, minimising disruption.  

The Omegadeck aluminium bridging system comes with a standard platform height of 1.8m (working height 3.8m). A platform height of 2.8m (working height 4.8m) can be achieved with extension kit.  
Omegadeck aluminium bridging system is suitable for facilities management and maintenance work.
Aluminium Bridging System

Folding Access Platform

The Sigmadeck 250 folding access platform assembles and dismantles in seconds to provide a safe working platform up to a height of 1.6m (maximum working height 3.6m).  This folding access platform is a robust low level access solution designed for internal and external use (providing stabilisers are used). 

 The Sigmadeck 250 folding access platform can also offer guardrail protection at all times and has compact folding dimensions for easy movement, storage and transportation.
Folding Access Platform

Powered Access Platform

At Turner Access Ltd, we offer solutions for all access requirements. We are not tied to any manufacturer, which means we can source the most appropriate powered access platform / MEWP for your specific access needs, whether it be Articulated Booms, Scissor Lifts, Personnel Lifts, Self Propelled Booms, Rough Terrain Booms, Trailer Mounted Booms or Cherrypickers. 

Once we have found the best powered access platform / MEWP for you, we can provide IPAF Training to ensure your operator meets industry safety standards.    Our Powered Access Division offers
  • Sales
  • IPAF Training

Our highly experienced sales team can get you the best deals on any new or refurbished powered access platform / MEWP and provide you with a service contract second to none.

Powered Access Platform

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