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Twiflex offer the largest range of industrial disc brake calipers in the world.

Our engineering experience enables us to specify optimum braking solutions from our comprehensive industrial disc brake product range. Each is selected according to the application requirements and is specified in conjuction with a recommended brake pad material.

Flexible Couplings and Shafts

Twiflex flexible shafts and couplings

The shaft coupling is a critical interface between components of a transmission system; it has an essential role in ensuring the overall compatibility of these components

Flexible Couplings and Shafts

Clutch Couplings

Twiflex clutch couplings

The Twiflex centrifugal clutch coupling is used to give a load free start and smooth acceleration.

Perfect for engine drives because:

  • Engine starts and idle free of load
  • Serves as automatic throttle controlled clutch
  • Eliminates shock loads.
  • Prevents engine stall under sudden overload
Clutch Couplings
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