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TWP Manufacturing  specialises in the design and manufacture of precision pressings in ferrous and non-ferrous materials, Injection Moulding, Robotic Welding and much much more.

Our aim is to meet the niche market for small scale, high volume press work with a capacity from 1.5 tonnes to 150 tonnes, especially for automotive and domestic OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers). The company has a real edge in short lead times and fast turn-round, with a reliable, quality service which emphasises presentation and performance throughout.

We take pride in our reputation for being able to supply quality products for inclusion in many applications for a wide range of industries.

Our policy at TWP Manufacturing  has always been to work closely with you, the customer, to ensure our service fully meets your requirements. This has helped us establish our strong reputation for competitive tooling and component prices on medium to high volume work.

TWP Manufacturing is situated very close to the centre of the City of Birmingham. Our location is ideally positioned at the hub of the national motorway network which enables us to give prompt and efficient service to all parts of the United Kingdom.

Tool Manufacture

Multi-stage progression and single-action tools producing top quality metal components are one of TWP Manufacturing's speciality. Tools are designed and maintained in house by specialist toolmakers. Larger projects are undertaken by approved toolmakers ensuring that first class tools are completed on time to exacting standards, prolonging life and durability of the tool.

Tool Manufacture

Automotive Pressings and Springs

TWP Manufacturing  has held ISO 9001 for many years, and in December 2001 we acquired QS 9000, an internationally recognised quality standard designed specifically for the Automotive Industry. We offer a full P.P.A.P. submission if requested with all automotive projects. We hold Green status on all of our automotive customers' supplier performance reports, with a philosophy aimed at zero defects.

We can arrange for full SPC production data to accompany despatched products on request.

Automotive Pressings and Springs

CAD/CAM Product Design

We normally work from customers' drawings. However, we frequently advise on component designs and material selection to ensure that the part is suitable for the customer's application, whilst minimising tooling and production.

TWP Manufacturing expertise covers every aspect of design and production required for the manufacture of high quality pressings.

We can work from your component drawings, or we will develop your basic concepts into effective designs in our development department. We are able to work closely with you from the initial stages of new product development, to help you bring your ideas to the marketplace with speed, quality and cost-effectiveness.

Our design and tooling development engineer with the use of CAD/CAM, ensure cost effective tooling for progression power presses.

CAD/CAM Product Design

Paterson Photographic

Worldwide Paterson is best known for the high quality darkroom equipment it manufactures here in the UK. In the late 80s it also took over the manufacture of Benbo Tripods and has continued to develop this range of tripods, beloved by both Landscape and Natural History Photographers.

Paterson has re-entered the Studio Lighting market with a comprehensive range of Continuous Lighting units manufactured in our own UK factory.

Heading the range is the Paterson Daylight Studio System built around a range of daylight fluorescent lamps and a full range of light shaping accessories. For those wishing to use more traditional forms of continuous studio lighting there are both Tungsten and Halogen models.

Operating from our factory base in the West Midlands of the UK Paterson export to around 50 countries around the world aiming to give photographic retailers and end users a first class service.

Many products can be ordered online from the Paterson E-Shop.

Paterson Photographic

Paintng, Plating and Surface Treatments

We have an approved list of sub-contract surface treatment suppliers, all of which operate an ISO 9002 Quality System, and environmentally friendly working practices. Most of our sub-contract surface suppliers offer a 24-hour turnaround service.

Paintng, Plating and Surface Treatments


Spyrabase is a revolutionary concept in ground anchorage, providing safe and sturdy anchors for a variety of garden , DIY and commercial applications.

Pioneered for securing light aircraft , Spyrabase cleverly combines a strong specially designed spiral together with a variety of durable base plates configured for many applications.

Whatever your project - tethering pets , tent peg solutions up to securing large inflateable buildings spyrabase is both effective and simple.

The specially designed spyral simply screws straight into the ground providing an instant anchorage point with incredible holding power.

Theres no need for extensive digging , no need for cement and no need to wait overnight for cement to harden before completing the job.

Projects can now literally take minutes rather than hours and days.

Spyra base products are made entirely in the midlands at our factory in Tipton and adhere the the highest of quality standards



The factory assembled Bullbarrow range of wheelbarrow has an 85 Litre plastic pan and is available in a range of colours. It can be assembled with a choice of pneumatic (PNE) or solid (SLD) wheel, and is constructed with a strong one inch steel tube which is Black powder coated.

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Buy Benbo Tripods Online from the Paterson E-shop

See also Benbo Ball and Socket Heads

Stability linked to versatility and weight are the prime considerations when choosing a tripod. For 35 years Benbo tripods have offered photographers a unique combination of these factors.

The tubular aluminium construction of the legs offers the best possible combination of weight and rigidity. The tripods unique, highly flexible main joint allows each leg to be independently positioned, allowing the camera to be positioned at almost any angle to the subject.

Whether used in the standard tripod configuration with the centre column vertical or down on the ground with the legs splayed out, or even with one leg pointing upwards finding support from a tree or a wall, Benbo tripods can always be relied upon to give complete stability.

Benbo Classic No 1 & 2 Tripods

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