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We are one of the only companies to supply a plastic-bodied Tyrolean machine and we are world-renowned in this product and field of coatings.

Our Tyrolean machine is known across industries as the way to coat areas or walls to resist cracking and crazing as well as helping with the insulation qualities and acoustic levels.

Our Tyrolean machine is made from plastic so is resistant to rust and we use brass for any wing nuts and nylon for any nuts and bolts.

Patch Gun

To use our patch gun we advise you mix one part lime to one part cement and five parts sand. You should mix this with three parts water to get the ideal consistency. The mixture should be thick but pourable.

The patch gun machine should be set with the handle to the second position. You can now move the machine across the area to be coated. This movement should be done in one fluid movement and do not dwell on any one area. The area may need going over a couple of times as the idea is to build up a honeycomb of particles to a depth of between five and seven millimetres. Take care not to go over areas that are already wet as this will cause slumping.

If you are covering cement blocks or brick, you may want to blind the mortar lines first before coating with the Tyrolean finish.

Patch Gun

Tyrolean Machine Spare Parts

All Tyrolean machine spare parts are replaceable and this enables you to keep the machine going for a very long time and will save you money over the long term use.

As part of the Tyrolean machine spare parts service, we can supply the flicker bar which is easily replaced and is cost effective to do so.

Tyrolean machine spare parts are available as complete sets or part sets depending on your requirements such as roller assemblies, handlebars and wingnuts. We can also supply other individual Tyrolean machine spare parts so please see our website for the full details.

Tyrolean Machine Spare Parts

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