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We provide professional and comprehensive building maintenance in London. As well as our leading building maintenance in London, we provide a comprehensive range of services within the mechanical and electrical building services sector.

With our building maintenance in London, we deliver a high-quality service, in accordance with agreed service levels, with an objective to exceed client expectations in all aspects of service delivery, from client facing technicians to the management and administrative support.

Mechanical and electrical maintenance is undertaken by suitably skilled technicians in accordance with the Heating and Ventilating Contractors Association [HVCA] Standard Maintenance Specification, incorporating the equipment manufacturers' recommendations, recognised building standards and statutory requirements.

Building Maintenance Mayfair

With our vast building maintenance services in London, we also cover specific areas such as building maintenance in Mayfair, Green Park, Bond Street, Knightsbridge and Belgravia. With our building maintenance in Mayfair and all other London areas, we tailor a maintenance regime to suit your specific requirements including the management of specialist sub-contractors in one packaged agreement under one management umbrella.

  • Building maintenance Mayfair
  • Building maintenance Knightsbridge
  • Building maintenance in Belgravia
  • Building maintenance in Gloucester Square

We also provide a 24-hour emergency service. This will allow your personnel to make contact with our duty technicians 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in the event of an emergency or breakdown.

Building Maintenance Mayfair

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems London

We provide maintenance for heating and air conditioning systems in London. Our maintenance service for heating and air conditioning systems in London areas is comprehensive, versatile and cost-effective.

We include a full photographic asset based dilapidation survey with every maintenance contract, which will outline any remedial works necessary and allow us to generate a long-term plant lifecycle plan to allow for accurate budgetary maintenance forecasts.

  • Air conditioning system maintenance London
  • Heating system maintenance Mayfair
  • Air conditioning maintenance Green Park
  • Air conditioning systems maintenance Knightsbridge
Heating and Air Conditioning Systems London

Hot and Cold Water Systems

We specialise in the maintenance of hot and cold water systems. For hot and cold water systems, no matter what your requirement may be, our team of experts have it covered with a professional, cost-effective and efficient service.

Boilers and water heaters: Our specialist technicians are able to service your boilers and issue gas safety certification ensuring they are both safe and efficient. We are able to advise you on the best way of heating your water through the summer months to reduce your energy bills.

Cold water systems/water tanks: Water tanks should be inspected regularly to ensure that the temperature is below 22ºC, insect screens are intact, insulation is secure, ball valves/float valves are operating correctly and there are no signs of stagnation or film within the tank.

Hot and Cold Water Systems

Plumbing and Sanitary Ware

We also specialise in the maintenance of plumbing and sanitary ware. For plumbing and sanitary ware, we include all aspects of plumbing within a maintenance contract.

They include:

  • Tap-sets
  • Toilets and overflows
  • Drainage systems
  • Electric water heaters

These items can be maintained to the manufacturer’s specification and to HSE L8 to ensure compliance.

Plumbing and Sanitary Ware

Ventilation and HVAC Controls

We provide ventilation and HVAC controls maintenance in London.

Ventilation and HVAC controls: Within all buildings there will be some form of control system, to control temperature set points and operating times. If these systems are maintained correctly they can save you money and limit the amount of energy you use.

We provide the expertise to review you control schedules and maintain these systems.

Ventilation and HVAC Controls

Water Hygiene and Treatment

For water hygiene and treatment, we provide the most comprehensive and professional solutions.

Water hygiene and treatment: HSE L8 outlines what is required to insure that the systems remain free from bacteria. We are able to incorporate the above works into a tailor-made maintenance package to ensure that your environment is safe for your staff and the public.

Our variety of hot and cold water services include:

  • Check a representative number of outlets for temperature on a rotational basis
  • Carry out a blow-down and temperature test of calorifiers
  • Sample for Legionella from calorifier drain if safe and accessible
  • Sample for Legionella from nearest and furthest outlet
  • Sample for Legionella from nearest tap from return pipework
  • Little used outlets - flush and purge to drain weekly
  • Showerheads - dismantle, clean, descale and inspect
  • Carry out micro biological analysis
Water Hygiene and Treatment

Electrical Main, Sub Distribution and Lighting

We also provide vast and market leading electrical main, sub distribution and lighting solutions and services.

Electrical main, sub distribution and lighting: Regular visual inspections of the electrical distribution systems are advisable, we are also able to offer detailed thermal imaging surveys for more critical or problematic environments. We provide a full five year hard wire test and rectify any faults or failings quickly and economically.

Lighting systems can be incorporated into a maintenance contract, allowing an amount of time to change luminaries’ and to keep a log of stock levels ensuring that your buildings are well-lit at all times.

Electrical Main, Sub Distribution and Lighting

Fire Alarms and Emergency Lighting

For fire alarms and emergency lighting maintenance, we provide the complete service.

Fire alarms and emergency lighting are two very important life safety systems. We supply a log book as part of a maintenance contract and are able to provide test schedules plans and log the tests and certificate.

Fire Alarms and Emergency Lighting

CCTV Maintenance, Access Control and Intruder Alarm Systems

We are able to incorporate CCTV maintenance, access control and intruder alarm systems into a maintenance contract through our specialist contractors. Each specialist sub contractor will supply risk assessments and method statements for each maintenance task which will reside within our on-site log book.

CCTV Maintenance, Access Control and Intruder Alarm Systems

Lightning Protection

We incorporate lightning protection within our maintenance contracts if required. Generally the system is inspected once a year.

With lightning protection, the resistance is measured and the system is inspected to ensure all extraneous metal components are connected to the system as required.

Lightning Protection

Portable Appliance Testing

Our vast and wide-ranging maintenance services include portable appliance testing. We offer a simple and well-organised approach to portable appliance testing, at a price to suit your budget.

For more information on portable appliance testing, or any of our other maintenance services, visit our website.

Portable Appliance Testing
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