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We specialise in high performance anti glare films. If you have ever worked in an office and made extensive use of computers as part of your work, then you will fully appreciate how irritating it can be when sunlight is reflecting off your screen. The most cost-efficient and effective solution is the application of anti glare films.

The traditional solution would be to use curtains or blinds. But the main problem with this is that it will significantly reduce the natural lighting in your working/living environment and be expensive, both equally annoying.

Our anti glare films for windows have the advantage of cutting out the bright glare from the sun, yet it still maintain a clear view looking out through your windows and allow the good natural sunlight entering the room, keeping the room light and airy.

Window Film

UK Window Films Ltd have been supplying and professionally installing a premium range of quality window films for over 20 years, solving most glass related problems including heat gain, glare, fading, privacy and glass safety.

We take pride in offering free advice, help and quotations that you would expect from an experienced company.

We can professionally install the window films or we can supply for you to install. 

Please call our technical sales team on 0800 688 9045 for more information

Conservatory Window Films

We are proud to offer high-quality conservatory window film in place of more conventional conservatory blinds. Our window films reflect up to 85% of the solar heat, reduce glare upto 95% and cut UV by 99% protecting your fabrics and furnishings from fading. Solar control window films will keep your conservatory cool and comfortable all year round. 

Traditional conservatory blinds trap the heat in the conservatory making the room warmer and unbearable during hot sunny days, obscure your view, require maintenance and regular cleaning from dead insects and normally only have a 5 year warranty.

Our professionally installed  high performance window films offer a clear view out, require no maintenance and all our films have between 12 and a 16 year warranty against peeling, bubbling, discolouration and cracking.

With our window film you can protect your conservatory furnishings from fading, reduce heat and glare.

Commercial Window Film

Controlling temperatures and glare in an office environment can be difficult even with air conditioning and window blinds, when you have glazed areas.

Applying a Commercial window film allows you to control the temperature and lighting within the office, improving temperature comfort levels, cut annoying glare and increasing energy efficiency.

Our window film can be applied to all glass surfaces, including single and dual paned windows, low-e, tinted, and laminated IGUs.and comfortable working environment. Solar heat protection window film is an efficient way to reduce cost.

If a safety and security window film is a requirement, then Solar, Safety and combination Solar/Safety window films can solve all these problems with one simple application. Designed reflect harmful light and solar energy away from the building, some by 95% and keeping occupants safe from the dangers of broken glass.

This leads to a more comfortable and pleasant working environment, more cost effective and an efficient air conditioning system, increased productivity all round, and saves money with an increase in profits.

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Heat Reduction

Heat transmitted through a window can quickly become unbearable. Solar Reflective window film rejects these high levels of solar infrared heat, offering a cool and comfortable environment and protects occupants from hotspots, and uneven temperature fluctuations.

Other benefits include glare reduction, fade protection, privacy and security.

Our virtually invisible spectrally selective window film is a new generation in high performance film. They help to reduce solar gain heat through glazing without changing your view, looking in or out.

Energy Saving

If you are looking for energy efficiency, UK Window Films offer a range of carbon negative energy saving window film. They provide solar protection and improve comfort levels and increasing energy efficiency of your cooling systems. Offering quick ROI and other energy saving solutions.

Designing products that are energy efficient is a growing trend in construction industry. UK Window Films aim to keep abreast of the new products and technologies and deliver quality energy saving window film options.


Clear fade protection window film has many advantages over conventional ways of protecting your furnishings from harsh sunlight. Blinds get dusty, curtains dirty, shutters can be tricky to install and obscure your view during daylight hours. Our anti-fade window film is an effective solution.

Anti-fade protection window films will remove over 99.2% of the damaging ultra violet light, protecting artwork, flooring, fabrics and furnishings from fading, keeping their ‘new’ appearance for longer. Some anti-fade window films offer a clear view in and out with no tints.


Clear protection for occupants, UK Window Films Ltd offer window films which improve safety, security and safeguard against bomb blasts, for most glass applications.

Safety  and Security window film protect occupants from shattered fragments of glass should your glazing be smashed either by accident or through criminal damage. They comply with Health & Safety Regulation 14 and all our films are certified to meet safety standards. It is available in optically clear or tinted films. They can offer extra privacy and solar control protection.

Our Safety and Security uses a flexible constructive and pressure-sensitive mounting adhesive, giving a strong and reliable performance for many years.

These window films provide effective protection from criminal activities, explosions or accidents.

For more information on Safety and security Window Film Click Here

Coloured, Printed & Manifestation Films

UK Window Films print, produce and install vinyl window graphics, coloured printed films and manifestations. They add colour and character to glass areas and add a personal touch to branding.

Our bespoke services offer graphics in line with safety regulations. Our colour printed films deliver high-impact graphics and add personality to windows, doors and interior partitions.

DIY Window Films

Our DIY window films are simple to order -  select the project you require for window film,  and suitable products will appear.

Once you have chosen your DIY window film, tailor it to fit dimensions and quantity for an instant price.

You can pay securely online or contact us to set up other payment methods. The window film will be posted with full instructions and an invoice. All our prices include VAT.

Privacy Window Film

Securing your valuables at home or workplace near windows and doors can be challenging during the daytime hours. Closing blinds, curtains or having net curtains can make the room dark or indicate to a potential thief that your property is empty, something police service advise against.

Applying a neutral privacy window film to the existing glazing of your home or office, makes it virtually impossible to tell from both inside and out that a film has been applied, but will provide you with both privacy & security, preventing valuables in your home or office from being on show to potential thieves and onlookers.

Privacy window film can act as an anti-theft deterrent, making it possible to obscure the view through windows from prying eyes outside, whilst maintaining sufficient light transmission into your building keeping it light & airy and a clear view out.

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