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SCADA Control Systems

Our SCADA control systems are designed to provide monitoring and control of critical systems on behalf of our customers in the Utilities marketplace. These SCADA control systems systems are specifically designed to match individual customer needs so are based on a flexible product set that makes this easy to achieve.

RF Wireless Products

We pride ourselves in manufacturing all of our RF wireless products within four ISO approved production facilities. In total we have more than 4,000 square metres of production and support space.

Using our 35 years of experience of designing and developing RF wireless products, we have been able to implement business enhancing solutions in Transport, Homeland Security, Emergency Services, Health Care, Utilities and Exploration Services markets. These solutions have not only made application work where they were not possible before they have often delivered a much safer working environment due to their high levels of reliability.

RF Transceiver Modules

Here at Wood & Douglas, we design and manufacture highly effective, high reliability RF transceiver modules to suit communication applications across diverse worldwide wireless markets. Our flexible and robust RF transceiver modules enable voice, data and video wireless communications between people, machines and devices.   

We have a highly skilled team who design and manufacture radio equipment across four production sites in the UK. We provide cost effective, bespoke and standard wireless technologies.

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We can be found on google.co.uk

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