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We are specialist designers and manufacturers of an extensive variety of power solutions for numerous industry markets and applications. If you are considering switching power supplies we have the market leading solutions to guide you and provide you with the ideal products.

For switching power supplies, upgrading or expanding, our technologically advanced and state-of-the-art power product range is unrivalled.

AC Front Ends

Our vast product range includes AC front ends. As well as AC front ends, we supply numerous other commercial, industrial and medical power solutions. They include:

  • DC input front ends
  • AC/DC switchers
  • DC/DC switchers
  • Redundant server power supplies
  • Medical switchers
AC Front Ends

DC to DC Converters

As part of our vast telecom and network power solutions, we provide numerous options in DC to DC converters. As well as DC to DC converters, we also supply a wide range of related power solutions products.

They include:

DC to DC Converters

High Voltage Power Solutions

We also provide comprehensive high voltage power solutions. Our high voltage power solutions include lasers, x-ray, E-beam and Ion processing, general purpose HV, E-beam coating, cap charging and particle detection.

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High Voltage Power Solutions

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