Unipress Software Ltd

UniPress Software develops FootPrints® web-based service desk software without high costs, programming, or complex administration.

FootPrints helps organisations reduce support costs, improve workflow, and enable centralised, worldwide support. Because FootPrints can be deployed in just days and it's easy-to-use, organisations see fast improvements in their help desk and support operations and a demonstrable return on their investment.

Both FootPrints and FootPrints for Exchange (a version of FootPrints for Microsoft Exchange environments) offer a centralised, support automation system for customer request tracking and management, automated support tasks, self-service online, knowledge management, two-way email management, dynamic access to your Microsoft Active Directory address books, and automated pc asset inventory.

Users only need a browser. Microsoft Windows 2003/2000/NT, Linux, and Unix are supported, along with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access, Postgres, DB2 and a built-in database.

FootPrints products are used by more than 1500 organisations throughout the world. Because it is very flexible and easily customised, organisations use FootPrints for multiple business applications, including internal help desk, external support, development and bug tracking, IT resource tracking, and other project tracking activities.

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