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At Unique Packaging we offer customers a fantastic and unique range of packaging solutions which are created with highest quality materials. Whatever type of packaging you are looking for, whether retail packaging, domestic and export packaging boxes or sturdy protective packaging we have the solution for you. We provide a diverse range of packaging options in different types, sizes and colours to meet your needs.

Retail packaging

Retail packaging encompases a wide market with different product ranges. Retail packaging encompases primary, secondary and tertiary packing elements in a variety of materials. We supply retail packaging which can be used in applications for the food and drink industry, cosmetics, bottles & jars and in confectionary packaging applications.

  • Primary packaging. this is the immediate packaging around the product, such as an insert.
  • Secondary packaging: this is the outer box or container for the product.
  • Tertiary packaging: this is the shipping packaging, such as a carton or container. It can also be used to display a product on a retail shelf.

Each layer of packaging is designed to be attractive yet functional.

Domestic and Export Boxes

Domestic and export boxes are heavier duty boxes and containers which are designed to protect your good during transport. Our export boxes are extra strong and come in medium and heavy duty options, depending on your individual shipping needs and the product it will be carrying. Our boxes are all IATA compliant and heavier duty boxes allow for pallet stacking of products without crushing/ collapsing of the supporting box and product. Delivered to you in flat-pack form they are ideal for transporting and storing domestic and export goods. We can supply a range of micro, flute and triple wall board grades and offer a range of printing options.

Protective Packaging

When you need to ensure that your product will reach its destination safely and undamaged we have a comprehensive range of protective packaging solutions. Our range of protective packaging options are designed to offer users protection and stability for a wide range of items which are being stored and transported in different kinds of boxed and packing materials. Our high-quality protective airbags can protect products from a range of knocks and damages. Our air bags help you to save space and are also resistant to humidity. We are always adding to our range of protective packaging solutions with more options and newer types of packaging such as air cushions.

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