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United Automation Limited (UAL) is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of industrial power control products. United Automation Limited’s markets operate globally selling to a wide variety of industry sectors and market segments including; end users, distributors, contractors and OEMs. The UAL group includes HE Controls our distribution specialist in industrial automation and our new division Industrial Infrared Systems specializing in medium wave infrared heaters.

Our standard product range covers the majority of power control applications however where the customer has a requirement which cannot be covered by a standard product we can provide specific design solutions. This is a key factor for UAL, which differentiates us from many of our competitors as the size of the company, and the expertise in our design team enables us to be flexible and fast enough to provide high quality design solutions.

All our manufacturing is carried out at our site in Southport where our manufacturing team employ leading edge business techniques to ensure a continuous improvement both in customer service levels and cost reductions and all business processes are underpinned by the ISO 9002 quality system.

Thyristor Controllers

United Automation Limited has over 40 years of experience in Semiconductor Technology and Power Control. Manufacturing Single and Three Phase Power Control Assemblies, tried and tested products in challenging/hostile environments. The following stacks are available:

• LAC 4KW – 24KW Single Phase
• SAC 11KW – 72KW Three Phase
• HAC 108 KW – 180Kw Three Phase

Suitable for heaters, ovens, dryers, air curtains, hot plates, heating and ventilation. SCR solid state phase angle power handling gives smooth proportional control of all types of industrial processes (e.g. furnaces, electroplating, controlled rectifiers, transformers etc).


HVAC Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Stacks

A range of controllers specifically designed with Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning in mind. The units use fast pulse zero volts switching to minimize flicker and RFI problems. They are available in DIN and Panel mount options, most models include fuses, integral power supplies, heatsink, high temperature trip and automatic reset. The units are designed to have easy access to internal connections and mounting fixings to minimize installation time.

Catering Controllers

United Automation manufacture robust and compact Phase Angle Power Regulator switches suitable for controlling single phase mains driven loads in catering applications. Suitably used in quartz heater lamps or conventional resistive heating elements in series or parallel configurations, used in catering applications. Applications include ovens, moulders, dryers and some inductive loads, such as transformers and motors.

Infresco Infrared Heating Controllers

Infresco is the market leader in the control of Infrared Heating applications, offering a wide range of discreet and stylish control products to create a ‘State of the Art’ heating system.

The Infrared heating used with our controllers works by instantly heating the objects in its radius, not by heating the great outdoors. This minimises energy costs and waste by only using power when required or by varying heat output levels. Turning itself on when you walk into a designated area, that powers down on a day that is too warm. That is the advantage of Infresco Controllers it will smoothly and silently manage your outdoor heating leaving you to get on with running your business.

Envirostat Frost Protection Controllers

The Envirostat range of electronic thermostats are designed to offer energy efficient frost protection and temperature control to pipe work and trace heating, where thermal insulation alone cannot. Envirostat monitors the temperature and controls it between set temperature ranges.

United Automation is one of the leading manufacturers of products which utilise the soft start and soft stop feature. With the Envirostat Soft Start/Stop feature, the current at switch on and switch off is controlled by a semi-conductor which removes switching transients, this protects the internal switching device and the external supply contactors.

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