United Colour Ltd

United Colour is probably the only dedicated RCF pigments processor in the world. Our products are all non toxic and can be applied by which ever method most appropriate for the clients needs

Our extensive colour pallet enables us to match precisely all customer requirements. Colour matching's can be created from liquids, solids or any form of digital media, RGB, Lab, Pantone etc.

All pigments for logs, coals, pebbles and fire backs can be matched and despatched on a same day basis ensuring total client satisfaction

United Colour has over 30 years of pigmentation experience and are proud to be still growing and learning within the ever changing RCF industry.

United Colour Limited is based centrally with in the UK, Stoke on Trent. Logistically we have fast and easy access to all main routes both north and south of the country.

United Colour is building a global reach throughout the world. Wherever our customers are, we are committed to delivering premium service in both customer and technical support. Our investment in e-technical support puts the client in direct contact with our own technical experts.
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