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United Forktrucks offer forklift truck hire for short term, long term and contract hire.

Our FLT (Forklift Trucks) are available for short term hire for as little as one day or as long as one month. United Forktrucks have 1000 forklift trucks in their casual fleet available for hire.

We offer long term hire contracts that are fixed term. Our long term contracts allow customer's to have a saving on the casual rate without having termination penalties.

Their contract hire services are dependent on the customer's circumstances and needs.

For more information on their forklift truck hire, please visit our website.

Thorough Examination LOLER

United Forktrucks offer a thorough examination service to ensure your fork lift meets LOLER standards. If you operate a forklift truck you are legally obligated to ensure it has a valid report of thorough examination that states it meets the requirements of LOLER.

United Forktrucks offer a fully accredited thorough examination to ensure your forklift truck meets the legal LOLER standards required so you can rest assured.

Thorough Examination LOLER

Thorough Examination PUWER

United Forktrucks offer a thorough examination of forklifts to ensure they meet the legal requirements of PUWER.

If you operate forklifts you are legally obligated to ensure your forklift truck holds a valid report of thorough examination.

United Forktruck's thorough examination is fully certified to guarantee their customers receive the best thorough examination.

Forklift Truck Driver Training

United Forktrucks offer an extensive range forklift truck driver training courses.  They have training centres in Kent, London, East Anglia and the Midlands. They can also provide forklift truck driver training on your companies premises to minimise disruption.

They offer one day refresher courses and up to five days complete driver training courses. On completion of their forklift truck driver training candidates will receive a certificated of training and training records.

Forklift Truck Driver Training

Forklift Truck Rental

United Forktrucks have over 1000 trucks available for rental. We can offer short term, long term and contract forklift truck rental.

Our forklift trucks are available for rental for one day, one week, one month and up to much longer periods of time.

For more information on our forklift truck rental, please visit their website.

Forklift Truck Rental

Forklift Truck Servicing

United Forktrucks offer an excellent support service and servicing for any forklift trucks.

Our forklift truck servicing options include:

  • Service
  • Service Contracts
  • Breakdown Service
  • And Maintenance Contracts.

They aim to provide a rapid response rate to any breakdowns and all our engineers are highly trained and experts in their field.

With our maintenance contracts you can maintain your fleet at a fixed cost over a fixed term. This ensures you have peace of mind.

Forklift Truck Servicing

Forklift Truck Sales

United Forklift Trucks have a comprehensive range of fork lifts for sale. Our forklift truck sales include new and used equipment.

To see our full range of forklift truck sales, please visit their website.

Forklift Truck Sales
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