Universal Air Products Ltd.

Universal Air Products Ltd, Essex

For the best deal in Air Filters

At Universal we pride ourselves on providing FAST deliveries and LOW prices and all round BETTER services tailored to your specific requirements. Our aim is to keep standards high and prices low, so why not take advantage and start saving money on all your Air Filter purchases?

Standard size Air filters available ex-stock on most standard products
  • Lower Prices
  • Higher Quality
  • Better Service
We supply to industrial companies and to catering companies. Please see our website for further details, but our products in brief include:
  • Filters - Panel, Bag, Compact, Carbon, Absolute, Grease, Baffle Grease & Disposable Pad
  • Cleaning Crystals
  • Cleaning Tanks
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Blankets
  • First Aid Kits
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