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UNTHA design industrial waste shredders. Their MSW Shredders are specially designed to reduce landfill and are excellent for many applications.

The MSW Shredders can be used to shred tyres, plastics, solids, electronics, medical waste and much more.

RDF Shredders

RDF Shredders are perfect for shredding plastics, waste paper and textiles. These products once shredded can be used as alternative energy sources for a number of processes, for example, in cement works.

Shredding these products not only reduces the volume of waste, but also allows valuable fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil to be partially substituted, thus saving energy. UNTHA's RDF Shredders have special cutters to ensure that high through-put rates in this application.

Wood Shredders

UNTHA have a variety of wood shredders that are perfect for shredding veneers, chip-board, off-cuts, mixed waste wood and euro-pallets.

Their wood shredders can produce granule sizes from 12mm up to 120mm depending on the users needs. All of their wood shredders are versatile, have excellent resistance to foreign bodies and are of robust construction.

Waste Shredders

UNTHA UK design and manufacture a wide selection of waste shredders. They have industrial waste shredders, domestic waste shredders, organic waste shredders and hazardous waste shredders.

Their waste shredders can shred medical waste, glass, foam, car bumpers, car lining, film bales, carpet and much more.

Their wide range of waste shredders allows their customers to select the perfect waste shredder for their chosen application.

Four Shaft Shredders

UNTHA have a range of Four Shaft Shredders that are reliable, robust and completely unique. All of their Four Shaft Shredders have their UNTHA patented four-shaft design.

They have Four Shaft Shredders that are perfect for working continuously in particularly difficult conditions. Their RS60 and RS100 series are capable of shredding up to 10,000 kg of material per hour.

Two Shaft Shredders

Two Shaft Shredders were designed for particularly heavy industrial use.

Two Shaft Shredders are also known as rotary sheers and are excellent in many shredding applications.

Single-Shaft Shredders

UNTHA's Single-shafted Shredders have been specially designed for plastic shredding and have intermediate through-put rates.

Their single-shafted Shredders are user friendly, reliable, compact and extremely efficient.

Single-shafted Shredders can have an additional compression feeder installed to allow for the shredding of empty packaging, 2o0 litre drums for example.

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