Urban Edge Promotions


We are an urban events and sourcing company that work all over the UK and internationally. We have been delivering urban entertainment, team building activities and workshops for young people for over a decade. We take pride in providing a good service and like to build trusting relationships with our clients and artists.

Beat Boxers

The beat boxers can perform technical shows full of the best beat boxing on offer in today's scene. If you're looking for top quality beat boxers, book with us today and be reassured you are receiving the UK's best.

Free Runners

We can offer a variety of Free Running entertainment including solo shows and group performances. We also regularly provide free runners for film / videos. Please contact us and let us know if you would like some top quality Free Running entertainment for your event.

Graffiti Artsist For Hire

We can offer Graffiti Artists that are amongst the UK's most talented designers and artists. Our Graffiti Artists can create bespoke designs and graffiti pieces for all clients and perform live graffiti pieces that are ideal for corporate, 1980's, festivals and many other events. We have a selection of artists that specialise in different styles of graffiti and airbrushing. With top UK graffiti artists for hire, contact us today.

Team Building Activities

For over a decade we have been providing experienced UK tutors to run a variety of team building activities and workshops for young people.

Our tutors are some of the UK's most talented entertainers and they are great at teaching their skills to others in well structured workshops ideal for people of all ages. Visit our official workshops website at www.urbanedgeworkshops.com for more information.

Dancers For Hire

We are proud to offer you the UK's best hip hop dancers from break dancers to street dancers and krumpers to poppers, we have it all. Our dance entertainment only provides the best dancers, displaying the top moves in an energy filled dance show.

New Sponsors

we are proud to have teamed up with a New Zealand based clothing brand called Twelve Clothing. Twelve specialise in urban streetwear and apparel.

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