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Uvox Ltd specialise in supplying customers with solutions for EMI / RFI Shielding and Thermal Management devices. Uvox Ltd's electromagnetically compliant products are used in full room shielding, enclosures, circuit board-level and box-level.

We also provide a solution to shield plastic or non conductive boxes using conductive coating and we also have screening cans for PCB assemblies and conductive fabric and RFI shielding.

Shielding Products

We have a wide selection of shielding products available including board-level shielding, conductive coating service, beryllium copper fingerstrip, and conductive shielding tape.

Our full range of shielding products also includes:

  • Cut Gasket Service
  • Elastomer Core Mesh Gasket
  • Conductive Shielding Tape With Mask
  • Electrically Conductive Elastomer
  • Electro Conductive Foam
  • EMI Shielding Window
  • Fabric Over Foam
  • Knitted Wire Mesh
  • Wires In Silicone

LED Products

We supply LED products comprising of the AC Direct LED Driver IC. This LED product control power without large capacitors and inductors. We also provide the PC-R101B to supply currents to a load regardless of voltage variations. It is perfectly suited for saving space and applications where low cost is necessary whilst maintaining a level of reliability.

EMI Gaskets

We manufacture a wealth of EMI gaskets and seals for protection against RF interference and environmental ingress. Our typical EMI gaskets and gasket solutions include Electrically-Conductive-Elastomers and Conductive Fabric-Over-Foam.

Conductive Shielding Tape

In order to order to create conductive contact surfaces we provide a range of conductive shielding tape suitable for most metals and certain plastics.

Conductive shielding tape helps to mask a contact surface before painting. The top mask can then be removed after powder coating and baking to reveal a copper or tinned copper contact surface.

Thermal Products

We offer a diversity of standard and bespoke thermal products and solutions including heatsinks, fans and heat and cool pipes. For our full range of thermal products, please visit out website or contact us for more information.

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