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Welcome to V-SOL. Our GPS vehicle tracking systems provide true real time, live GPRS, GSM and GPS tracking and location, in the UK and Europe. They have been developed specifically to provide commercial, logistic and fleet tracking solutions.

V-SOL is the only GPS vehicle tracking system in the UK that can take advantage of ALL forms of communications. This allows for the fastest connections possible whilst providing truly unbeatable running costs. Our tracking and location solutions start from just 50p per day.

  • Save £££'s on fleet fuel costs
  • Increase fleet efficiency
  • Provide improved security for staff and assets
  • Helps deliver business and customer service improvements
  • Instant vehicle location and route replay
  • Tailored reporting to match your business requirements

Our solutions provide Advanced Vehicle Telematics, including Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL),Real Time, Live vehicle tracking, Data Transfer and messaging at its best. Suitable for cars, vans, PSV, HGV, trailers and heavy plant.

Vehicle Tracking

V-SOL - Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking System for Commercial and Fleet Vehicle Managment.

If a business uses vehicles to carry out it’s day to day operations it is likely that there are times when if you had better visibility about what is or had been happening you could make changes that would make a positive difference to the overall performance of the business. Timely accurate information from a vehicle tracking system such as who is the closest? How many miles have we covered to do this work? Where is a particular vehicle? What time did we get to a customer? These are just a few examples of the sort of questions that an effective vehicle tracking system should be able to answer quickly and easily. Our live real time GPS vehicle tracking systems and flexible historical reporting can provide you with these answers.

Vehicle Tracking

Fleet Management

Fleet management is the management of a company's vehicles. Fleet management includes commercial motor vehicles such as cars, vans and trucks. Fleet (vehicle) management can include a range of functions, such as vehicle maintenance, vehicle Telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, fuel management and health & safety management. Fleet Management is a function which allows companies which rely on transportation in their business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation costs, providing 100% compliance with government legislation (duty of care) and many more.

Vehicle Tracking

One the most important functions in all fleet management systems, is the vehicle tracking component. This component is usually GPS based, but older systems used land based low frequency systems and it is possible to use GSM triangulation in the most simplistic of situations. Once vehicle location, direction and speed are determined from the GPS components, additional tracking capabilities transmit this information to a Fleet Management software application. Methods for data transmission are most often GSM based.

Mechanical Diagnostics

Some fleet management systems are connected to the vehicle's CAN BUS or onboard computer, these display information for the driver and in some instances gather data for the fleet management system. Details such as mileage and fuel consumption are usually gathered

Driver Behaviour

By combining received data from the Vehicle Tracking system and the other sensors, it is possible to form a profile of driving styles for any given period.  If driver id is used then this information can be collated across multiple vehicles.

Fleet management software

Fleet management software can enable companies accomplish specific tasks in the management of any or all aspects relating to a company's fleet of vehicles. These tasks can encompass all operations from vehicle acquisition to disposal. Software, depending on its capabilities, allows function such as driver/vehicle profiling, trip profiling, dispatch, vehicle efficiency, etc. It can provide remote control features, such as Geo-fencing and active disabling. Current vehicle diagnostic information can also be related to a management site, depending on the type of hardware installed in the vehicles.

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Fleet Management

Real Time GPS Tracking

V-SOL GPS tracking systems provide true real time, live GSM and GPS vehicle tracking and location solutions. Generic vehicle tracking is provided by all suppliers but V-SOL in the UK provides a level of visibility that is quite unique. Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking requires a level of communication that internet based systems are unable to provide.

Without doubt reliable communications is the most important element of any information system, even more so with vehicle tracking. V-SOL communications technology is such that it is constantly challenging conventional thinking on this subject. In essence a suitable platform depends upon several criteria; availability, performance, reliability, longevity, capital and ongoing running costs. Our long experience has shown that unless you are working in the military, scientific community or are able to live with high running costs and lots of down time you should ignore the hype that is forever being espoused by the media on "coming technologies".

Real Time GPS Tracking

Vehicle Trackers

Vehicle trackers come in all shapes and sizes. In fact some companies even market pda's as vehicle trackers.   The key to purchasing a vehicle tracker is to recognise that the device should be designed exactly for that "tracking vehicles" and not anything else. 

V-SOL are a designer and manufacturer of vehicle trackers  - nothing else. 

There is a huge difference between generic vehicle trackers and V-SOL's custom designed vehicle trackers.   

The most important three things to bear in mind when sourcing a vehicle tracker is

1. Where do they come from?
2. Does the supplier who is selling them actually have any control over the hardware and what's inside it ?
3. How long has the actual equipment you are being offered been made for?

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Vehicle Trackers

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