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Our Miniveyor Air series of VAF fans, blowers and portable welding fume extractors are the professional choice for removing fumes and dust when working in confined spaces.

Effectively ventilating confined spaces, our tough VAF fans, blowers and welding fume extractors easily withstand blows without denting, giving less downtime and greater productivity.

They also come with an industry leading 10-year warranty on the body.

VAF-200 Dust and Fume Extraction

The Miniveyor Air VAF-200 is a compact and powerful 110V or 230V second generation design with the VAF-200 vane axial fan replacing our older design VAF-1500. The 200mm diameter VAF200 ventilator weighs only 7.5 kg and can provide 1480 m³/hour of air flow, driven by a 250W motor.  

It can out perform conventional metal bodied fans several times over with a fan body made from a dual wall polythene rotational moulding. This allows it to withstand the knocks and blows normally found in industrial use.

We are so confident in the VAF-200’s quality then we offer it with an industry beating 10-year warranty upgrade on the fan body.

VAF-300 Portable Ventilators

Our VAF-300 portable ventilators are available in either 110V or 230V and are durable enough to withstand many applications in the construction industry from ship repair and boat building to mining, auto engineering or portable welding fume extraction.

Our VAF-300 vane axial fan has several new improvements over our older design Americ VAF-3000 ventilator which it replaces, including a new and stronger duct ring with integrated grill, improved mounting of flexible ducting, strengthened motor mounting, and reduced weight.

VAF-400 Exhaust Blower

The largest blower in our range, the VAF-400 16 inch fan is ideal for ventilating work spaces, extracting welding fumes or simply moving clean air into an area delivering a massive amount of air.

It has been designed to push large volumes of air through ducting, enabling users to reach even the most inaccessible areas, also drawing a surprisingly small current compared to its power output.

Available in either 110V or 230V the VAF-400 exhaust blower utilises a double wall corrosion resistant, polythene construction, which protects the inner casing being dented, extending the product lifetime and reducing maintenance costs.

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