Vega Controls Ltd


Our range of detect switches include a variety of universal liquid level detection devices.  The VEGASWING range is the widest available and designed to be a high-level alarm, failsafe device ideal for overfill protection. Detect switches are suitable for use in challenging and harsh environments with an array of approvals, outputs and fittings.

Tank Gauging

At Vega Controls, we specialise in the manufacture of tank gauging instruments and controls. Our tank gauging instruments are mostly used in bulk tanks such as the ones used at dairies and at breweries.

Level Radar Transmitters

We manufacture level radar transmitters for tank gauging in storage vessels, reactors, blenders and mixers. We produce hygienic level radar transmitters for distillation and purified water vessels. Our comprehensive level radar transmitters monitor the handling of high temperature molten products including metals, minerals and coke products.

Level Guided Microwave Measurement

We provide comprehensive level guided microwave measurement solutions for storage vessels to monitor the processing and manufacturing of products. Our high quality level guided microwave measurement equipment provides level indication in silos, hoppers and interfaces on some liquids.

Level Ultrasonic Measurement

We manufacture high quality level ultrasonic measurement equipment for use during processing and the storage of liquids. Our fantastic level ultrasonic measurement solutions are suitable for sumps, wastewater tanks and over conveyors for cost effective, non contact flow measurement and detection.

Capacitive Level Probes

We manufacture comprehensive capacitive level probes suitable for the storage of solids or liquids and the processing and manufacturing of products. Our unrivaled capacitive level probes provide excellent protection against overfilling and dry running. The probes provide interface measurement and detection for oil on water.

Vibrating Level Switches

Our specialist vibrating level switches create a solid level switch and provide blockage detection. We manufacture the vibrating level switches to provide protection against low levels or high level overfills. We also produce bespoke versions for detecting solids in water.

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