Vegetable Oil Management

Vegetable Oil Management Ltd services the North West's catering trade by supplying cooking oils and then collecting when used.

We operate a warehouse and processing plant in Manchester, which is ideally situated for the North West.             
VOM offer:     
  • One point contact                                                           
  • Supply and collection of catering oils                           
  • Competitive pricing and statistics    
All supplies can be made on a weekly, 2 weekly or 4 weekly basis or as and when required. We offer advice on which oil is best suited to the customer, how to use it and how to dispose of it.


We provide:                                            

  • Collection & Recycling service        
  • Full traceability                                  
  • Statistics                                            
  • Ability to cater for group contracts
The basic rate for collection is 10p per litre + VAT.  For larger quantities or regular collections please contact us for a quote.

Fresh Produce

We supply a wide range of fresh products.

These include;

  • Arrow Green cooking oil
  • Arrow Blue cooking oil
  • Pura oil
  • Prep range of oils
  • Olive Oils
  • Arrow real mayonnaise
Fresh Produce

Used Filtered Oils & Bio-Diesel

The waste oil can then be turned into Bio-diesel.      
                                       We supply kits to manufacture bio-diesel with full instructions.  The kits are capable of making up to 20 litres of bio-diesel.  The cost is available on request and roadside bio-diesel can be obtained via our network of oil refinery customers. Our used filtered oil is available in 1000 litres IBC.  The price for this is available on request.
Used Filtered Oils & Bio-Diesel

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