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Velopex are leading dental and veterinary equipment specialists offering diagnostic solutions, dental patient treatment equipment, and portable dentistry products. In the Velopex portfolio are market leading imaging systems – both analogue and digital, the patient-friendly Aquacut using particle polishing and the ergonomic Salli Saddle seats for comfortable, healthy sitting posture.

Dental Supplies

At Velopex, our comprehensive service ensures your requirements in dental supplies are always met. Our vast product range includes numerous options in particle abrasion/polishing equipment, including:

  • Aquacut aluminium oxide air abrasion powders
  • Twin-chamber dental air abrasion and air polishing Aquacut Quattro units
  • Dental air abrasion cabinets

Minimally Invasive Dentistry Equipment

If you’re looking to acquire high-quality minimally invasive dentistry equipment, speak to the experts at Velopex. Our range includes the impressive Aquacut Quattro – twin-chamber dental air abrasion and air polishing unit. 

With the Aquacut comes a wide selection of consumable including handpiece disposable tips and Aquacut cutting fluid alongside various powder cartridges to suit your needs. To find out more about this and the other exceptional products available, visit our website, book a demo and learn why Jason Smithson uses Aquacut on all of his patients.

Dental Air Abrasion and Polishin Equipment

We have vast experience and expertise in the provision of a wide range of exceptional dental particle abrasion/polishing equipment, and our service is highly professional, efficient and reliable.

For dental particle abrasion/polishing, the Aquacut Quattro – Twin-Chamber Dental Air Abrasion and Air Polishing Unit is exceptional, and used for cavity preparation, cleaning and stain removal.

Convenient Powder Cartridge System

Aquacut Quattro makes use of a color-coded, disposable powder cartridge system ensuring quick, hygienic refills and powder grade changes.

'ProClean' Sodium Bicarbonate - provides an Air Polishing prophylaxis treatment that is highly effective in cleaning and stain removal. The superfine particle size maintains patient comfort during and after treatment.

'ProCut' & 'ProCut+'  29 and 53 micron Aluminium Oxide - Cavity preparation & composite restoration, designed for Minimally Invasive Dentistry, cuts with accuracy and precision.  Can be used for cavity preparation and carries removal without anaesthesia and in place of the drill for dental phobic patients and children. 

Sylc for Aquacut

‘ProSylc’ provides an Air Polishing prophylaxis treatment that reduces dental sensitivity, with immediate effect, and also encourages the remineralisation of damaged tooth material, all with a neutral taste. Powered by NovaMin®, the powder occludes exposed dentine tubules blocking nerve access to the affected areas.

Sylc is the most effective air polishing medium on the market, at ease removing both light and heavy staining. You will be amazed at how quickly you are able to clean and polish using ‘Sylc for Aquacut’!

Part of a convenient powder system for the Aquacut Quattro.

Digitial X Ray Imaging

At Velopex, we offer a wide range of exceptionally high-quality digital dental X-ray imaging equipment.

Included in this range is the Apixia Digirex – dental phosphor plate (PSP) digital X-ray scanner, and the Rextar-X handheld X-ray machine.

Interested in the Apixia? Book a demo here

Automatic X-Ray Imaging

As well as digital x-ray imaging, at Velopex we offer top of the range automatic X-ray film processors, both intra and extra-oral. In this range are the Intra-X, Extra-X, Sprint and MD3000.

We also stock a wide range of x-ray film to cater to your needs and our own processor cleaning fluid & tablets to keep your processors in top condition.

On Site Dental X Ray Maintenance

Velopex offer on-site dental X-ray maintenance, call us to discuss your requirements. With many years’ experience and in-depth expertise, the Velopex team will ensure you receive the highest quality aftercare and support. 

Offering When-In-Area services, we arrange to visit your practice at your convenience. Need an upgrade? We can trade in your old processor (regardless of make or model) for the latest Velopex x-ray film processor of your choice at a fantastic price.

Photo Activated Disinfection Treatment

FotoSan 630 – Light / Photo Activated Disinfection Pen - treatment for periodontal and endodontic applications

It utilises a strong photodisinfection light, together with the FotoSan Agent photosensitive chemical, to kill microorganisms in periodontal pockets and endodontic canals at a 630nm wavelength.

Effective on all microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa, the FotoSan Pen treats immediately, clearing symptoms instantly.

Dental Surgery Equipment

Are you looking to acquire exceptional quality dental surgery equipment? Look no further than the specialists at Velopex where all your requirements will be satisfied. Our ranges include:

  • Aseptico – portable and domiciliary dentistry equipment
  • Salli saddle seats
  • Velopex SmartCart – custom mobile dental cart

Unsure of what to go for? Book a demonstration.  

Salli Saddle Ergonomic Dental Stool

The Salli Split Dental Saddle Seat is a stool designed to improve and maintain a comfortable, correct and healthy sitting posture, ideal for the dental profession. The Two-Part Salli Saddle Seat improves conditions for male and female health compared to conventional seating and beyond one-part saddle seats, eliminating harmful effects of pressure in sensitive areas.

Available in a variety of different models, colours, materials and attachments available, your Salli Saddle Seat is truly designed by you, for you. Also Salli Saddle has 10 years of warranty. Join the conversation on Twitter and #SitHappy !

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Dental Equipment Demonstration

At Velopex, our comprehensive service includes the provision of dental equipment demonstrations. We offer a range of demonstrations, enabling you the exclusive opportunity to try some of our equipment before purchase, and find out what our products are capable of.


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