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Extruded Aluminium Enclosures

Our extensive range of extruded aluminium enclosures offers a stylish and robust enclosure for the mounting of electronic circuitry and components.

As a company, we specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of electronic enclosures and can list many advanced features that our extruded aluminium enclosures provide.

These include:

  • External surface of enclosure incorporates a series of ribbed fins to aid heat dissipation
  • T-slots have been provided on both the side and base of the enclosure proving mounting facilities
  • Multi-position PCB slots have been formed inside of the enclosure case and will except 3/4 size euro cards
  • Case is supplied complete with 2 X 1.5mm aluminium end plates and stainless steel fixing screws

PCB Prototyping Boards

We can supply a full range of single and double sided PCB prototyping boards with potential in:

  • R and D labs for design proving and realisation
  • Educational establishments for student projects
  • Hobbyists and modellers

With many more advantages listed on our website, our PCB prototyping boards are covered with photosensitive resistance and can be custom-printed. They are made quickly and economically for you.

Plastic Enclosures

At Vero Technologies, we can provide numerous plastic enclosures including well-known ranges such as Veronex, IDAS Case and Apollo. All come with excellent practical features. We also provide desktop and general purpose ranges of plastic enclosures with more details on our website.

Hand Held Enclosures - Veronex

Our Veronex hand held enclosures boast a lightly textured non-scratch finish and are available in five different plan sizes and nine heights. In addition to having flame-retarding properties, the Veronex hand held enclosures come with a range of complementary accessories and can be applied widely to many electrical and telecommunications applications.

Instrument Case - Patina

Our range of Patina instrument cases are available in 12 sizes and are perfectly suited for office or industrial applications or test instrumentation. The Patina instrument case range also exhibits the following features:

  • Circuit boards can be mounted either horizontally or vertically in the enclosure
  • Assembly is by screw or clip together - including internal moulded PCB

Instrument Cases - IBX Series

Our IBX Series of instrument cases provide facilities for:

  • Circuit boards
  • Power supplies
  • Interconnections
  • Controls and displays

Strong and designed to be easily assembled, the IBX Series of instrument cases come in four different sizes all moulded in a durable high quality flame-retardant ABS material and can be made in a range of colours. More details are found on our website.

Industrial and Modem Cases - Apollo

The Apollo industrial and modern cases have been specifically designed to provide a functional enclosure for desk top and wall mounted applications. Coming in many sizes the Apollo industrial and modern cases enable fast assembly and come with several unique features that supply front panel positions.

Customised Cases - Modification Service

For our group of customised cases, we offer a modification service to generally ensure they are usable. We use the latest CNC equipment to carry out necessary modifications to your product before shipping the product out to you. More benefits of our customised cases modification service can be viewed on our website with further details.


Veroboard is predominantly designed for hard wiring of discrete components and it is perfect of developing and prototyping work. Although typically used in analogue circuits, Veroboard is equally useful where a number of common bus or signal lines are utilised.

Beneficial features include:

  • Ideal for hard wiring or discrete components
  • Range of standard sizes
  • Choice of hole sizes and grid pitch

Prototyping Boards

Our prototyping boards have been designed to provide designers and developers with a quick solution to their design ideas prior to manufacturing commitments.

We can provide various prototyping boards that come with the following features:

  • Fast prototype route that can be easily modified at little or no additional cost
  • Suitable for professional, educational and hobbyist applications
  • Supported by a complete range of products and services
  • New products are being added to enable the use of new connector systems and SMT devices
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