Vestel Visual Installations

We are proud to be recognised as a world-renowned technology giant and a market leader in Turkey. We make it our mission to excel in every sector that we enter. Continuously investing in research and development, we strive to build on our success, making the highest quality solutions accessible for an ever-growing number of customers throughout the EMEA and beyond.

Digital Signage

As one of the leading enterprises in Turkey, Vestel is a major player in consumer electronics, mobile technologies, household appliances, professional displays and LED lighting with renowned products, including television sets, educational, hospitality and digital signage solutions, digital set-top boxes, tablet PCs, smart phones, refrigerators, washing machines, cooking appliances, dishwashers, air conditioners, and water heaters

Video Wall System

Video Wall System offers a customizable solution that is easy to set up and use in a wider variety of applications.

Designed to deliver a more premium and immersive customer experience thanks to its high quality picture enhancement options, discreet bezel widths and high brightness levels, this integrated, out-of-the-box solution offers businesses a greater competitive advantage.

Ideal for every kind of environment from retail and leisure applications to control and surveillance rooms as well as educational establishments, the video wall system can digitalize businesses of every size and budget.

Video Wall System

PDX Digital Signage

Extra Bright PDX Digital Signage promise higher impact visibility for every indoor environment. Designed to suit a wider variety of verticals, the 55-75” series enables business owners to optimize the visibility of any on-screen content, offering 55” and 75” Full HD displays with a striking 2,500 Nit brightness level and a 75” PDX1000 UHD display with an eye-catching 1000 Nits.

Ideal for almost every environment from bright, sunlit foyers and offices to window showcases and mirrored fitting rooms, the displays can be installed in landscape or portrait mode to suit the space. They also ensure 24/7 operation, which makes them ideal for use in quick service restaurants.

PDX Digital Signage

Stretched Displays

Stretched Displays can be designed to commercialize every available space, both 37" and 86" screens can be used for vertical and horizontal orientations as well as face up installations. Ideal for a wider variety of applications, they are easy to install between clothes rails and shelves as well as over the tops of fridge and freezer counters in supermarkets.

Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Our interactive touch products offer the best interactivity for education, corporate and public areas. 

Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Vestel Visual Installations Overview