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Founded in 1979.

Offering a high level of expertise, acknowledged widely within the industry.

Adopting a turnkey approach where necessary to provide fast effective solutions to vibration, shock and noise control problems in today’s industry.

Anti Vibration Mountings

Vibracoustics extensive Standard A/V Product Range covers Rubber / Metal bonded, Steel Coil and Air Spring types for Industrial, Rail, Marine and Automotive applications.

Specific bonded or moulded products produced to customer specification or designed 'in house' to suit customer applications.

Individual foundation and fabricated bases for complete isolation systems in critical environments.

Flexible and fixed support suspension units, Rubber/Fabric and Stainless Steel expansion joints/compensators for Exhaust pipe work installations (or systems).

Captive Mountings

Vibracoustics Captive mountings are constructed either with integral limit stops or have provision for limitation devices when installed as an assembly. The captive property is ideal for Marine Engine Mounts and is particularly suited to all mobile applications or fire fail-safe environments where overall movement limitation is desired.

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Rubber Mounts and Vibration Isolators

Vibracoustics plate, shear, bending and bonded sandwich mounts form the widest range of products available from our catalogue used as vibration isolators / Anti vibration mounts in a multitude of applications.Installations include primary and secondary suspension of reciprocating and rotating machinery for the Marine and Industrial environments, vibrating and screening equipment, HVAC plant, sensitive electronic instrumentation, quarrying and mining equipment and many other applications.

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Air Mounting Systems

For use in applications where low frequency vibration is a problem. Air mounting systems offer excellent protection for sensitive equipment whilst the steel spring mountings provide a solution for more general industrial applications.

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Elastomeric Bearings

Fully bonded products using high-grade materials for suspension systems, maintenance free elastomeric bearings and buffering devices in machinery and articulating equipment. A wide range of available Circular mounting sizes, with male and female combination fixings, provides mountings to meet most applications.

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Couplings and General/Rubber Moulding

VRF & RD Marine Couplings provide good acoustic performance and reduce structure borne transmission of vibration and noise.
General rubber moulding and bushes to customers specifications.
Special foundations, fabrications and tool and equipment bases.

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Rubber Bellows

Pipe work Acoustic Supports, Bellows and penetrations to reduce transmission of vibration and noise on diesel engine and Auxilliary equipment exhaust and services pipe work, whilst accommodating expansion, contraction, vibration and installation movements. Stainless Steel expansion Bellows for engine exhaust pipe work. Fabric and Steel / Rubber reinforced Bellows, to minimize structure borne noise transmissions, on cooling systems services and other medium carrying pipe work, with added fire protection sleeves as necessary.

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Acoustic Hangers

Building Products for Studios, Anechoic chambers, theatres and office construction etc. Ceiling, floor and wall mountings to provide structure borne noise isolation in areas where soundproofing is a requirement. M & E equipment, air conditioning plant, services and pipe work supports. See also main product index.

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