Victaulic is the world leader and originator in grooved mechanical pipe joining systems.

Designed for installation on steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium pipework, the grooved piping method dramatically reduces the amount of installation time and reduces total installed costs as compared to welding, threading or flanging. It is used extensively for HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, water and wastewater treatment, oil field operations, mining, industrial processes, power plants and other demanding fluid-handling applications.

The concept of joining pipe with bolted mechanical couplings originated during World War I for rapid deployment of fuel and water to Allied forces. The company that worked closely with the War Department of develop this new method of joining pipe was named Victory Pipe Joint Company after the coupling it had engineered - known as the "victory joint" from early military uses. Later, combining the words "Victory" and "Hydraulics" the name was shortened to Victaulic, and the company began to shift its focus to the commercial piping industry and market its new innovative method of joining pipe.

As the grooved piping method has evolved, additional products have been introduced to enhance the range. Hence we now offer a comprehensive selection of pipe joints, flange adaptors, fittings, mechanical tees, valves, pipe grooving tools, sprinkler heads and fire alarm valves.

Victaulic Overview