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PCB Layout Services

At Vital Sines we provide very high quality PCB layout services at sensible rates. We are experts who have decades of experience designing PCBs for all sectors of the electronics industry.  From small start-ups through to world renowned Aerospace and telecommunications firms. We supply the full service from schematic entry through to PCB layout services to delivered boards.

PCB Design Services

Whatever your project there is no board too big, too small or too complex for our PCB design services. Using the latest CAD tools and technical knowledge we will protect the signal integrity of your design and turn it into the most cost effective PCB assembly.  All levels of PCB design services and technology are covered by Vital Sines, from single sided PCB designs through to multi-layer, flexi-rigid, blind and buried via, impedance & EMC controlled PCB layouts. 

Our PCB design services are carried out here at our purpose built design office near Poole in Dorset using Altium, Cadstar and PADS PCB layout tools.

PCB Layout

We provide a very flexible and highly professional, personal service. As part of the consultation process, we will agree on a way forward that best fits the needs of your project. We use efficient review procedures and open, effective communication to ensure that you get the PCB layout that you need, first time.

We can design your PCB using a variety of different in-house PCB layout design software packages to suit your needs. We also have experience in many other software tools so please call us if on-site working using your own preferred tool would be more appropriate.

PCB Design

We are a PCB design bureau that goes that little bit further than our competitors, we now provide 3D pdf plots of your PCB assembly at the layout stage and can import your 2D mech enclosure drawings into fully integrated 3D CAD models. This gives you the opportunity to spot any potential clashes at an early stage of the design process and the peace of mind of knowing that the whole assembly will fit together as planned.

We can also provide simulation of high speed lines, timing analysis, crosstalk calculations and impedance reports for your critical signals.  This is all done BEFORE manufacture, potentially saving you the costs of having to re-spin a board.  PCB design for the modern era. 

3D enclosure and PCB modelling.

Altium PCB Design

New in 2012 due to the number of requests from customers we have now added Altium CAD tools to our bureau!  This fantastic software provides excellent integration of 3D models with the traditionally 2D PCB layout and also greatly improved tools for high speed routing and smart documentation.

Cadstar PCB Layout

Many years of experience and hundreds of designs in Cadstar PCB layout means that you won't find anyone better qualified in this CAD tool. Our Cadstar PCB layout service is fast and our component library has thousands of tried and tested part footprints.  The full high-speed router makes light work of differential pairs, address, data and control line length matching and controlled impedance track widths.  Specific attribute assignments to all nets ensure that nothing gets missed.


Our PADS PCB layout services provide everything that you could need to modify or create your design.  PADS PCB layout was very popular for many years so if you have an older design that needs modifcation we can help.  At Vital Sines we have designed hundreds of PADS layouts over the years.

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