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At Vitec, we are the UK market leader in acoustic insulation foams.

Our acoustic foams include polyester and polyether types and can be Meltone faced for enhanced noise absorption performance to various flame retardant standards.

PYROSORB impregnated Class "0" foam can be supplied with a variety of facings and membranes with or without self-adhesive backing and laminated to other materials.

Noise Control

We have a renowned reputation for being the largest polyurethane foam manufacturer in Europe boasting a wide variety of acoustic foams for a diverse range of applications. These products with many others in our range are used for highly efficient noise control in industrial equipment, generators and compressors.

Our noise control range of products can also be used in the following:

  • Engine bay linings
  • HVAC-duct lining
  • The control of reverberation noise within buildings
  • Sound control within audio equipment
  • Recording studios

Conductive Foam

Our conductive foams are used extensively within the telecoms and electronics industries for many uses including microwave absorption, static dissipative applications, and RF shielding. Our Guasstat conductive foams can be applied for conductive uses and Microsorb is used for microwave absorption.

Vita Cellular Foams

Highly positioned within the global marketplace as a leading manufacturer and converter of polymer based foam, Vita Cellular Foams also have a renowned reputation for our composite materials.

By consistently supplying an extensive and quality range of products, we can satisfy many types of complex needs easily and efficiently from concept to completion. Our secure long-term customer relationships and partnerships at Vita Cellular Foams represent our high standards of commitment and quality of service.

Electronics and Packaging

For the electronics and packaging industries, we manufacture an extensive range of both anti-static and conductive foam products. These products designed specifically for electronics and packaging include both hard and soft impregnated conductive materials as well as anti-static products.


For filtration, we offer a comprehensive range of reticulated polyurethane foam filters that come in polyether and polyester types and post-treated, impregnated types.

Our air filtration media is used extensively in the HVAC industry, our polyether foams within the aquatics market and our specialist post treated types in chemical absorption.

Tapes and Seals

We offer a complete tapes and seals range including Vitaseal, a heavily impregnated polyurethane foam with excellent water resistant and fire retardant properties.

Vitalseal, used under high compression creates a weatherproof seal, is used extensively in the construction industry for the following seals applications:

  • Doors and windows
  • Expansion joints
  • Abutment seals for conservatories
  • Timber buildings
  • Caravans and modular homes

Thermal Insulation

Our range of both open and closed cell foams consist of many flexible, lightweight materials with excellent thermal insulation properties and high fire performance. We provide a wide spectrum of foams for thermal insulation in many industries including the construction, automotive and medical sectors.

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