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We provide comprehensive extraction system solutions and a wide range of bespoke dust-fume extraction system products and equipment.

Our extraction system equipment is suited to many application and we supply dust and fume extraction equipment to all industries.

Solder Fume Extraction

We provide solder fume extraction. Our solder fume extraction solutions are versatile and cost effective, extracting solder fumes from processes such as rosin-cored soldering which can cause asthma.

Installing an efficient solder fume extraction system is very simple and inexpensive. A HEPA filtered system for one operator can be installed for less than 25 pence per day – far less than a cup of tea or coffee.

Solder Fume Extraction

Antistatic Mat

We supply numerous options in antistatic mat. Our vast antistatic mat range includes antistatic rubber bench mats and ESD floor matting products.

  • Two Layer Rubber Mat Blue 1.2m x 600mm bench mat (with 10mm stud)
  • Two Layer Rubber Mat Grey 1.2m x 600mm bench mat (with 10mm stud)
  • Two Layer Rubber Matting Blue 1.2m x 10m Roll
  • Two Layer Rubber Matting Grey 1.2m x 10m Roll
Antistatic Mat

Antistatic Wristbands

Antistatic wristbands are one of our particular areas of expertise. For antistatic wristbands, we provide the ultimate products.

As well as antistatic wristbands, we also supply curly cords and heel grounders. Available is a range of ESD grounding products to meet IEC-61340 standards. They are sold in packs of five.

Further options include:

  • Wrist Band Set - Anti Allergy - Adjustable - Blue Cord Stud to Stud - Pack of 5
  • Heel Grounder - 1 Meg single sole - Pack of 5
  • Curly Cord Only - 1m Stud to Stud - Blue - Pack of 5
Antistatic Wristbands

Fume Extraction

For fume extraction, we really do provide the most comprehensive and versatile service. For fume extraction, we offer both standard and custom solutions to suit your application and budgets.

Our fume extraction solutions cover the following applications and many more:

  • Electronic assembly fumes
  • Laser and printing fumes
  • Dental laboratory fumes
  • Art and crafts hobby fumes
  • Medical and laboratory fumes
Fume Extraction

Dust Extraction

For dust extraction, we provide an extensive variety of products and solutions to meet all possible application requirements. We supply dust extraction and portable extractors for fine dust and particulates.

Our top of the range dust extractor units are available in a wide range of sizes and differing flow rates. Attachments and accessories are also available.

Dust Extraction

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