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Votec has over 40 years experience in designing and building control systems in a wide variety of application areas including water treatment, trade effluent treatment, batch processes, mechanical handling and site-wide monitoring systems. We have design, build and software capabilities in-house to optimise client cost and usability. 

Electrical Control Panel Design and Manufacture

Votec’s continuing success can be attributed to our individual, customer orientated approach.

Each control panel or system we build is bespoke. Consultation at every stage ensures that the your requirements are precisely met and you are assured of a reliable product through the use of high quality, well proven components and our consistently high build standards.

We have the capability to create the software in-house which optimises client cost and usability.

Electrical Control Panel Design and Manufacture

Industrial Control Solutions

Our Services Include:

• Evolution of the control philosophy
• Electrical design
• Software design
• PLC programming
• Process visualization through graphic operator panels
• Graphic supervisory systems and data acquisition
• Motor control centres
• System building and testing
• Commissioning


Industrial Control Solutions
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