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At VtV Solutions, we have over 30 years of experience and knowledge in ventilation standards associated with specialist ventilation for operating theatres. This gives us the credentials to be able to offer services from a design concept, to installation, validation and servicing to completion.

Ultra Clean Ventilations Systems

We offer our very own Variflow for the Ultra Clean Ventilation (UCV) market, we understand that the replacement of your old UCVs is not always the correct solution to the problem. We have the ability to successfully upgrade most of old UCVs to avoid replacement, to minimise the loss of theatre time, and save you money.

With the release of HTM 03-01 in Nov 2008, annual validation of operating theatres and the associated plant is now monitored more closely, we can also provide a validation service with the addition of carrying out air sampling.

UCV Velocity Profiling

Our high quality and affordable critical ventilation systems have been designed to provide you with a contamination controlled environment. Annual validation testing gives you the assurance that your investment is operating correctly to the original design. By regularly testing your equipment it will minimise costly down–time and identify defects, that could result in loss of usage or productivity.

UCV HEPA Filter Challenge

Here at VtV, we offer a one stop solution for ventilation and validation requirements in critical areas, throughout the healthcare industry.
We enable you to make annual savings without compromising a high quality service when your budgets are reduced and you are looking for efficiencies.

Air Change Rates

Professional engineers have developed the "Variflow" Ultra Clean Ventilation Systemusing extensive experience in the industry. With innovative design it is a milestone in the development of Ultra Clean Ventilation designed and manufactured in Manchester. We strive to assist the healthcare sector in cutting their carbon footprint by saving energy.

Feel free to download a copy of the Variflow Data Sheet for technical specifications or contact us for further information.

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