Vuba Industrial Supplies

Vuba Industrial Supplies
Floor paint epoxy floor coating concrete repair mortar

Vuba Supplies professional-grade DIY Floor Paint and Concrete Sealers; Concrete and Asphalt Repair Mortars; Non Slip GRP Surfaces for Stairs and Steps; Hazardous and Industrial Storage and Sealers and Cleaners for Block Paving and Imprinted Concrete.

Floor Paint, Epoxy Floor Coatings and Concrete Sealers
Vuba supplies a wide range of floor paints, epoxy floor coatings, concrete sealants, line marking paint and anti slip floor paint.

Concrete Floor and Crack Repair Mortars
Our range of repair mortars include concrete repair, crack and joint repair, asphalt repair, screed strengthening additives and specialist repair mortars for damp and cold environments.

Non Slip GRP Fibreglass Stairs, Steps and Walkways
Vuba supplies a wide range of non slip surfaces for application over stairs, treads, landings, ramps, walkways, bridges, ladder rungs and decking. Each product is available in a range of safety colours and sizes, and each come equipped with an embedded gritted surface.

Hazardous and Industrial Storage
Our range of storage solutions include hazardous storage cabinets, flammable storage cabinets, general purpose industrial storage cabinets and changing room lockers.

Paving and Concrete Sealers and Cleaners
Vuba supplies a wide range of cleaning, sealing and jointing products for concrete block paving; clay, stone and slate pavers; imprinted concrete and standard concrete driveways, pathways and patios.

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