Wabtec Rail Ltd


Part of the Wabtec Corporation, Wabtec Rail is one of the UK's leading railway rolling stock engineering companies.

Located in Doncaster, England Wabtec Rail undertakes the supply of:-

  • Refurbishment of all railway rolling stock
  • Overhaul of wheels
  • Overhaul of brake systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Train door systems
  • Brake blocks and pads
  • Train Data Recorders

Whatever the project, we focus at all times on quality and safety.



Our fully-trained maintenance staff have experience of all types of overhaul.

We regularly undertake C4 and C6 heavy maintenance to coaches, diesel multiple and electric multiple units in addition to overhauling bogies, wheel sets and brakes. Our equipment includes comprehensive lifting facitlties capable of handling all rolling stock. Whatever the project we work to the very highest standards whilst minimising vehicle downtimes.


Wabtec Rail undertakes the overhaul, refurbishment and conversion of all types of locomotive, passenger rolling stock and freight wagon bogies. We are able to offer our customers a fully comprehensive service with the overhaul of the wheelsets, brake equipment, suspension systems and dampers undertaken in-house at our Doncaster Works.

We are able to undertake the repair of damaged and fractured bogie frames. Our Doncaster Works is fully equipped for carrying out shot blasting, non-destructive testing and repainting of bogies.



Wabtec Rail is one of the UK’s leading overhaulers of railway wheelsets. At our Doncaster Works we are able to undertake the overhaul of all types of locomotive, passenger rolling stock and freight wagon wheelsets. Work carried out includes the reprofiling of wheelsets, rewheeling, renewal of tyres, axles and bearings, overhaul of suspension tubes and axleboxes and the overhaul of final drive gearboxes.

To ensure no axle flaws or fractures are present, integrity checks are taken using ultrasonic, magnetic particle or eddy current testing. As with all of our services, safety is always our utmost priority.


Our overhaul expertise extends across a complete range of equipment including air brake distributors, brake cylinders, disc brake actuators, slack adjusters, air reservoirs, end cocks and hoses. Needless to say, we are totally familiar with the leading manufacturers’ equipment – D&M, SAB, Knorr Bremse and Wabtec/Wabco brake systems.


Our teams of technicians undertake the overhaul of hydraulic dampers, air suspension systems and air suspension control valves manufactured by all of the leading suppliers including Boge, Koni and Woodhead.


We undertake the overhaul of all types of buffer, including all Oleo hydraulic self-contained and capsule units and UIC and BR rubber sprung units. All units are overhauled by our own fully trained and certified staff to our own high standards.


We provide new Wabtec Q-Tron train data recorders for both new build and retrofit installations. With over 40,000 units supplied worldwide Wabtec are the world leaders in OTMR design and supply. At our Doncaster Works we provide a fully comprehensive after sales support service including the repair, servicing, testing and certification of units. Our engineers are able to advise customers on unit installation, operation and the downloading and analysis of data.

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