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Experience fascinating surfaces

Furniture, walls, garden fences, construction machines, mobile phones, wheel rims, leather sofas, or perfume bottles - there is hardly any object that does not come with a coating. The reason is obvious: among others, the surface determines the function, durability and the attractiveness of an object.

WAGNER offers the complete product and technology range for the entire process sequence, starting with feeding the product, followed by mixing, moving and controlling to finishing the optimal application to the surface. Both for the application of liquid and powder lacquers, paints and other liquid media.

For any requirement, WAGNER offers you the suitable technology. And thus enables an efficient use of resources, maximum quality and profitability – for brilliant results. Whether you decide on liquid or powder coating depends entirely on your work pieces and operational conditions. Find the right solution for your application area:

Liquid coating

  • Both multi-layer systems (primer & top coat), as well as very thin and thick layers of paint possible.
  • All surfaces and geometries can be coated (wood, glass, metal, plastics, clothing, leather etc.), with and without the use of electrostatics.
  • Large range of possible colours and effects, e.g. “piano lacquer surfaces” (amongst others for the automotive and furniture industry), metallic, “flip flop”
  • Soft touch coatings, e.g. for fittings in cars
  • Variety of coating material, such as 2-K paint, UV paint, sol-gel; water-based paints are especially suited for automobile finishing
  • Different material can be coated in only one operation

Powder coating

  • Recovery of up to 99% of overspray possible, thus little waste and high profitability
  • Environmentally friendly due to the omission of solvents and diluents
  • High durability of the painted surface, e.g. against UV radiation and mechanical stress – this application is ideally suited for aluminium and steel rims, agricultural and construction machinery or aluminium profiles
  • Ideal coating of all electrically conductive metals – in addition, it’s also possible to coat other material, e.g. plastics, MDF or glass by electrostatic charge (provided they can withstand temperatures of up to 140°C)
  • Coated work pieces can be loaded directly after cooling, resulting in little processing time
  • Little cleaning effort
  • ATEX approved HVLP
  • Conventional Air spray
  • Air-assisted Airless
  • Airless
  • Electrostatic
  • Mechanical 2k
  • Electronic 2k, 3k or 4k mixing systems
  • Powder coating booths
  • Powder coating guns
  • Transfer pumps
  • Complete powder plants
  • Basic automation 
  • Sophisticated systems 
  • Reciprocators 
  • Electrostatic bells

This is just some of the equipment offered as either independent components or as part of a turn-key engineering solution all supported locally via distribution.

With our ever growing product range we have expertise in the Automotive, Aerospace, Plastic painting, Furniture, joinery and Structural steel
industries as well as many more.

Swiss quality engineered and manufactured products to suit our customer's needs.

Powder Coating Equipment

Reliable protection for a permanent seal

WAGNER supplies a wide range of custom-built, innovative solutions for powder coating applications. These are not only economically attractive but also extremely environmentally friendly. WAGNER's system concepts stand out through their versatility, rapid colour change capability, ease of cleaning and environmentally friendly powder recovery features. This means outstanding process reliability for all your coating tasks and requirements.

Wagner's industry solutions

We have the perfect solution for every requirement. WAGNER's expertise excels through the in-depth preparation, consulting services and coordination it provides during the development of an individual coating solution that is perfect for you - from planning through manufacture and on to installation and commissioning. WAGNER accompanies you every step of the way. Our engineers and sales service will work together with you to develop optimised concepts and solutions. What is more, you can call on our extensive range of services and training packages whenever you need them. WAGNER: Your reliable partner throughout the entire lifetime of your products and services.

Powder Coating Equipment

Spray Paint Equipment

More than just a reliable partner

WAGNER offers you outstanding expertise and innovative solutions for all your wet paint processes. All WAGNER's technologies are perfectly harmonised to produce the very best in wet paint coatings - for process reliability, efficient handling and perfect surface finishes. High-performance coatings to meet a wide range of individual needs.


We have the perfect solution for every requirement. WAGNER's expertise excels through the in-depth preparation, consulting services and coordination we provide during the development of an individual coating solution that is perfect for you - from planning through manufacture and on to installation and commissioning. WAGNER accompanies you every step of the way. Our engineers and sales service will work together with you to develop optimized concepts and solutions. What is more, you can call on our extensive range of services and training packages whenever you need them. WAGNER: Your reliable partner throughout the entire lifetime of your products and services.

Spray Paint Equipment

Manual powder coating

The new PrimaSprint manual system is perfect for coating out of a manufacturer’s powder box. With the diagonal positioning of the powder box it makes emptying of the powder box sure.

Click on the following link for a video of the Prima Sprint in action: Prima Sprint Video.
This new manual system offers the flexibility to use either a WAGNER Corona or Tribo gun. Our new gun has a unique High Dynamic Remote function that allows the immediate selection of a pre adjusted program without the necessity to look at the controller.
The clear and structured controller interface supported by a digital display ensures that the operational parameters are easily viewed at a glance.

Manual powder coating

WAGNER mixing and dosing equipment

Fast, efficient work and precise dosing – these are key factors that help to increase productivity during wet coating. With this extension to its FlexControl series of products, WAGNER is concentrating even more firmly on enhancing the efficiency of its products. The electronic controller of the new FlexControl Smart permits exceptionally precise mixing and fast changes to formulations – while simultaneously assuring outstanding ease of use and reduced consumables costs. With its fully automatic flush function, it again meets the most demanding requirements for the coating of metal, wood and plastic products using 2K materials.

Outstanding ease of use

The FlexControl Smart is the way forward towards considerably improved surface finishing quality – the unit makes it possible to use up to five paints and two hardeners. The Start, Stop, Flush and Change Formulation functions can be triggered quickly and easily via four buttons as well as by means of a remote control. Formulations can be set at the touch screen display or via USB port using the management software on the PC which also permits efficient data administration.

Adaptation to customer requirements

Thanks to its add-on functions, the FlexControl Smart can be configured to meet individual requirements. The WAGNER VM 5000 electrostatic control unit increases the safety of users and equipment alike. It switches the high-voltage supply off automatically on priming or flushing. A gun distribution valve makes it possible to flush one of the guns independently of the other during two-gun operation. In flush mode, the double dump valve separates the material that has already been mixed in the system and the rinsing agent. This not only saves on manual labour but also cuts time and costs. In the case of automatic applications, the mixing and dosing system can exchange information with a robot, thus enhancing process reliability.

AIS dosing system

When the paint volume passing through the unit changes frequently, the new AIS (Adaptive-Injection-System) from WAGNER makes all the difference. Through the uniform injection of the B component, this fully automatic system guarantees that an optimized mixing ratio at all times and therefore ensures uniform coating quality.

Can also be used for 3K applications

Thanks to its outstanding versatility, the WAGNER FlexControl Smart can also be used to handle 3K materials and is therefore able to ensure perfect results in a huge range of applications.

WAGNER mixing and dosing equipment

Mechanical 2k mixing

WAGNER offers a unique entry solution for 2K applications. The portable TwinControl is an economical, compact and easy-to-use system for a wide range of demands, including high viscosity material applications and high delivery rates.

 The TwinControl combines the outstanding reliability of the IceBreaker pumps with the innovative and patented stroke measurement device that allows to accurately track the delivery-rate of the two components.

Click the following link to see animation of how the twin control works: Twin control operation

In all piston pumps the delivered fluid is precisely metered by the piston motion. The patented Magnetic Stroke Meter detects the exact position of the pistons and passes the information to the electronic box, which automatically calculate and adjust the instantaneous mixing ratio.

Air Assisted Airless Guns

Both AirCoat guns were designed with the comfort of the operator in mind. Ergonomic interaction is enhanced because the gun is lighter and requires less trigger and holding force, thus reducing operator fatigue considerably.

The innovative WAGNER manual AirCoat gun employs our brand new AirCoat atomisation process to produce the finest finishing results ever. These guns meet all market demands - the newly designed material filter can be exchanged without tools and the human engineered design offers an ergonomical handling.

The newly designed patented Cage Filter has a much longer life time, because of its 53% lager volume to collect the dirt. Beside that it is very easy to flush, the compact design reduces the weight of the gun.

Air Assisted Airless Guns

Electrostatic guns for manual and automatic application

Wagner's electrostaticaly supported atomisation processes are highly economical coating systems, offering decisive advantages over conventional application techniques, in many areas of industry.

 The benefits:
• Lower paint consumption
• High saving in time
• High surface quality
• Reduction in waste disposal costs
• Higher performance
• Innovative technology for any application

Electrostatic guns for manual and automatic application

Colour change powder booth

Powder colour change in 5 minutes!

Less space required with higher performance and flexibility. The new PrimerCube achieves the best utilisation of space so far in the field of plastic booths. The result is a greater production capacity
on a smaller area, and with it a distinctly higher return on investment.

The ideal structural shape for powder coating, Compact, with no supporting frames and no pit excavation.
Rectangular booth shape – also suited for horizontal gun arrangement. No powder deposits on the floor – super fast booth cleaning. Economical use of material. PrimerCube combines these benefits.

• The option of pre- and after coating stands
• Blow-out device for the integral booth floor. This keeps the floor clean and blows the powder into the extraction slot
• The floor of the booth can be walked on, facilitating cleaning and maintenance work
• Excellent illumination of the booth and manual coating stands thanks to booth lighting integrated into the roof
• Extraction of over-spray on both sides throughout the length of the booth. This creates a uniform air speed and good coating
• High application effectiveness due to low booth floor and vertical airflow
• No powder deposits thanks to optimisation of the air flows in the extraction channels (Twister effect)

WAGNER pumps: Powerful and reliable

Whether its paints, stains, mould release agents, primers, adhesives, chemicals, whether it's high or low viscosity, watery or with high solids content - WAGNER provides the right transfer pump for each material, for each application.

Constant power, low icing pneumatic motors, reliability, easy maintenance, low wear and energy consumption - as a result of practical development work, a wide range has developed which is right in the best possible way for all requirements.

 WAGNER is introducing a new generation of manual Air assisted airless guns in response to two major market demands – optimised application quality and excellent handling.

But WAGNER does not only supply pumps and suitable accessories for these. We also design and build complete paint supply systems right up to piping systems matched your requirements

WAGNER pumps: Powerful and reliable
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