Waterfield Electronics Ltd


For over 10 years, Waterfield Electronics Ltd has specialised in electronic design. Our 6000 sq ft premises has enabled us to manufacture and carry electronic design for a range of local and international companies.

PCB Assembly

We provide PCB assembly under ISO 9001 standards and carry out scheduled work. Our customers use us again and again for PCB assembly. This is because we provide competent, reliable and cost-effective service.

PCB Assembly

Flow Soldering

We provide high quality flow soldering and have carried out major work for GEC Alsthom Metro Cammell in connection with Channel Tunnel Trains, and various medical companies.

As well as flow soldering, we also offer services including:

  • Electronic Design
  • Procurement 
  • PCB Assembly
  • SMT Assembly
  • Cables, Looms, Harnesses & Wirewrapping 
  • Machine Shop and Detail Fitting 
  • Final Assembly 
Flow Soldering
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