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Our Rhino branded water fountains can be supplied in more than 60 variants and is the only range of water fountains that is guaranteed for 5 years against vandal damage. The Rhino water fountains are ideal for use in:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Prisons
  • Public areas

All of our Rhino fountains are virtually indestructible heavy duty available in a full range of models.

Energy from BioDigestion

We supply a range of aerobic bio-energy-digester (BED) units. If you create food waste or other organic waste such as sewage sludge, unseparated organic waste, contaminated organic waste or animal bi-products, our technology can reduce or completely eliminate your waste removal issues by converting the food waste to energy. Our BED's will have a considerable impact on your operating costs. Not only do they eliminate land fill charges, they deliver valuable energy.

The advantages of using the WatershipDown Technologies Bio-Energy-Digester:


Bio Energy Digesters bring down waste costs. In many circumstances the return on investment is measured in months rather than years.

  • All organic waste can be digested using our Bio Energy Digesters thereby eliminating the need to send organic waste to land fill.
  • The machine output is not waste - it's a valuable by-product. It is sterile, has high nitrogen content, and has high calorific value. It can be used as compost or biomass fuel.
  • Output is mixed with other plant matter to make very high quality agricultural or garden compost.
  • Output fires a biomass boiler to produce any of the following.
  • Chilled water to supplement air conditioning systems reducing their running costs.
  • Hot water to supplement hot water systems again reducing costs.
  • Electricity.
  • Once the organic waste is inside the machine there are no smells or noxious fumes.
  • Any amount of waste can be digested depending on the size and number of digesters used.
  • The digester can be built to separate any plastic, glass or metal that has been thrown into the organic waste. This product will come out of the machine separated and sterile for onward sale.
  • Carbon emissions extremely low and other greenhouse gases cannot be detected.
  • Long life of equipment - typically over 20+ years.
  • Operations are easy. Full training is provided so that the machines can be run by existing staff


Energy from BioDigestion

Ozone Sanitizers

Since 1857 the Ozone has been used as a sanitising agent. Being the worlds most effective sterilisers, Ozone will eradicate all known bacteria and viruses including:

  • Norovirus                   Pseudomonas                Salmonella
  • Legionella                  Ecoli157                         Aeruginosa
  • MRSA                       Ebola

Ozone is over 3000 times more effective than chlorine and will also destroy mould and fungal spores, as well as removing smells and odours.

Applications requiring our Ozone Generators include:

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry:

  • Purification of fish farms, poultry breeding stations, ensuring that agricultural irrigation has clean water, fruit and vegetable cleaning & preservation.

Meat and Food:

  • Cleansing of slaughterhouses, all types of food factories, breweries, health care product manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device:

  • Sterilising disposable medical device, dental products and surgical instruments.

Drinking and Bottled Water Production:

  • Cleansing bottled water plant.

Swimming Pools and Spas:

  • Managing swimming-pool water purity, making the water more attractive - it's clearer and blue - while reducing the amount of water required by improving recycling.


Ward and general area disinfection, operating theatre sterilisation and bedding & equipment disinfection.
Public Areas:

  • Cleansing the water used in fountains and artificial lakes in public parks and large recreational areas.

Refrigeration Industry:

  • Cleansing large-scale water-cooled central air conditioners and cooling towers.
Ozone Sanitizers

Water Chillers

Watership Down Technologies have 25 years’ experience in water coolers. We are the market leaders and distribute a full range of water chillers and boilers.  We supply a range of water coolers from Blupura and Soda Stream water coolers offering table top, under the counter to floor standing machines, both in still and carbonised models ranging from 16 litres per hour to 400 litres per hour.

Water Chillers

Water Boilers

Ranging from 3 litres to 75 litres you can be assured we have a water boiler that will suit all situations. We supply water boilers designed for use in both catering and domestic kitchens, matching taps with our under counter chiller, and wall mounted boilers, anti-scale filters are supplied with all AquaBoil’s.

Water Boilers
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