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WB White Foundry has been in operation since 1907 and is a well equipped manufacturing resource situated in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, on a site that has a rich history of casting. Producing Grey Cast Iron, SG / Ductile Cast Iron, Aluminium and Alloy Castings with facilities that cater for the high standards demanded by today's industries, WB White has the capability to satisfy the requirements of both the small business and multi national organisation.

WB White Foundry is also the sister company of SG Castings, a foundry facility dedicated to the manufacture if SG (spheroidal graphite) / ductile cast iron products.

The Casting Process

Planning and Quality Control

WB White Foundry has a team of experienced engineers and pattern makers who can advise on casting design, material specification and pattern equipment types from the very outset of a project. This expertise and level of customer care at the early stages results in improved design and finished cast products.

Pattern Making

WB White's in house pattern shop provides a highly skilled team of pattern makers capable of manufacturing and modifying all types of pattern equipment.

Technical Control

Production systems are monitored throughout the manufacturing process with in-depth technical controls being exercised at each of the moulding and melt stages.

The quality control begins at raw material stage and continues throughout the works, operating in all aspects of manufacturing up to and including the delivery of finished castings.

An efficient and attentive after sales backup service reinforces the total commitment to customer satisfaction.

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The Casting Process

Engineering Products and Capabilities

WB White Foundry has the facilities to manufacture an extensive range of castings allied to many industries and applications.

Our on-site pattern and mould making facilities allow us to refine, develop and alter product designs to meet exacting customer needs as well as offer completely new and bespoke castings.

Manufacturing in Grade 250 Cast Iron, all grades of Aluminium and Aluminium Bronze, and utilizing a professional multi skilled team of engineers, pattern makers and designers, WB White Foundry offers not only high quality finished products but dedicated customer service, design creativity and conscientious after sales support.

Jigs and Fixtures

Using manufacturing principles that ensure we meet the needs of our customers, WB White Foundry's range of Jigs and Fixtures consists of cube castings, base plate castings, double sided tombstone fixings and cruciforms. This is further enhanced by our ability to manufacture completely bespoke products.

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Engineering Products and Capabilities

Aluminium & Alloy Casting

WB White Foundry's aluminium casting capability allows the casting of all grades of aluminium, zinc-aluminium alloys and copper based alloys, most notably gun metal and bronze.

Offering high quality finished products that are excellent as stand alone pieces but that are also suitable for machining, WB White Foundry's aluminium plant extends an already very versatile casting service.

WB White uses a Gas Powered Morgan Furnace to melt to a capacity of approximately 160kg of aluminium per hour.

Sand Casting - Furan (Airset)

Producing large castings via the boxless method, this plant allows WB White Foundry to cast large aluminium and associated metal alloy products. WB White specialise in Street Furniture, Architectural Castings and oversized ancillary castings. This process permits the manufacture of sizeable products with the practicality of significantly reduced weights when compared to the cast iron alternatives. This means that both traditional and modern styles can be cast with the flexibility to make them removable, movable or semi permanent, as well as being more suitable for finials, crests and adornments.

Aluminium & Alloy Casting

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