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Helios-Elio Cavagna, manufacturers of pneumatic slitting knife units, edge trim units and complete in line slitting systems.

ATEM, manufacture air shafts, air knife shafts and air chucks. ATEM specialise in ultra light aluminium alloy extrusions.

Renova, manufactures pneumatic & electromagnetic brakes, tension control systems and components such as load cells and amplifiers.

A wide range of products

Webtek UK Ltd supply shaftless unwind and rewind chucks and also supply core plugs used within the tissue industry.

UK - Web Converting Technology

  • Airshafts
  • Airchucks
  • Air-mandrels
  • Air- knife-shafts
  • Shaftless-chucks
  • Core-chucks
  • Pneumatic-mechanical-chucks
  • Pneumatic-slitting-knife-units
  • Automatic-knife-positioning
  • Edge-trim-slitting-units
  • Web-tension-control-systems
  • Load-cells
  • Pneumatic-disc-brakes
  • Electromagnetic-brakes
  • Static-neutralisation
  • Static-elimination
  • ATEX-hazardous-location-static-neutralisation
  • Static-generating
  • Core-plugs

Just some of our products can be seen below

A wide range of products


Webtek UK supply a comprehensive range of airchucks to suit various core sizes.

152.4 / 6” airchucks are normally available ex-stock or on a quick delivery.

We can supply single gripping tyre / bladder type chucks for low to medium tension applications or multiple strip chucks for higher tension applications.

We also supply leaf type airchucks for applications where thin wall cores are used.


Torque reactive chucks

The TR100 XP chuck is a heavy duty mechanical shaftless unwind chuck designed for corrugating applications where both 100mm and 4” id cores are used.

The TR100 XP has a high weight carrying capacity and is designed for virtual maintenance free operation.

The 3 jaws sit on 6 hardened steel pins. The six hardened steel pins in turn sit on a precision machined hexagon.

As the reel is rotated the hardened pins ride up the machined profile of the hex and expand the jaws within the core.

The TR100 XP’s expansion is by-directional so suitable for over or under winding on the same unwind stand.

Torque reactive chucks

Core Plugs

Webtek UK Ltd manufacture a complete range of Core Plugs for the tissue industry. Core Plugs are available to suit individual machines and individual core sizes. All Webtek UK core plugs utilise a radial rib design. The ribs are welded to a high tensile steel central tube.

The benefits of our core plugs are: High levels of strength and rigidity, Low Weight, Reduced levels of manual handling injury. Easy loading for operators due to ergonomic design.

Core Plugs

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