WEISS are known as the European leader in Indexing Technology, with over 50 years experience WEISS equipment has become renowned worldwide for its strength, reliability and precision accuracy. The opening of the UK office has enabled WEISS to offer their products direct to the UK market.

Product Range:

  • Rotary Indexers - Electro Mechanical
  • Rotary Indexers - Numerically Controlled
  • Rotary Indexing Rings - Electro Mechanical
  • Rotary Indexing Rings - Numerically Controlled
  • Indexer Control Cards
  • High Speed Indexing Conveyor Systems
  • Heavy Duty Indexing Rings - Numerically Controlled
  • Rotary Lift and Rotate Units - Servo driven
  • Linear Driven Pick & Place Units
  • Cam Driven High Speed Rotary Assembly Machines
  • Rotary Machine Bases - with optional Cabinets
  • Precision Machined Dial Plates up to 2.5M Diameter

Indexing Machines

Fixed Station Indexing Tables / Rings

For 40 years, WEISS has been consistently striving for rotary table solutions that are both robust and reliable - with the TC / TR we have succeeded.

TC rotary indexing tables
TR rotary indexing rings

Flexible Indexing Tables / Rings

NR rotary indexing rings
TO torque rotary tables
CR heavy duty rotary indexing rings/freely programmable
NC rotary indexing tables
Rotary barrel drive TH


Indexing Machines

Programmable Direct Drives

Linear Slideways

  • Programmable
  • Highly Dynamic
  • High Speed

Direct Drive Rotary Units

  • Small - Miniature range of rotary units
  • Programmable
  • High Speed
  • Dynamic
Programmable Direct Drives

Linear Assembly System

The advantages of the LS280 Linear Assembly System and its extremely high productivity result from a completely new, elegant Linear Assembly System operating principle. It combines a rotary indexing table with a transfer system, i.e. a cam worm and belt system.  

This leads to a radical reduction of transport times and absolutely jerk-free and jolt-free motion sequences - at up to 60 cycles/minute.
Linear Assembly System

Handling Systems

The operating principle of WEISS handling systems is based on an electronic direct drive or electromechanical drive. These contemporary concepts represent dynamic performance, reliability and energy efficiency.

HP 140 handling system
SH handling system
Handling Systems

Bespoke Rotary Machines

Through our modular manufacturing concept, we can offer you a mechanically built rotary machine to suit your individual requirements. 

SR/SK indexing machine bases

Additional indexing plates

Bespoke Rotary Machines

Cleanroom Solutions

Cleanline Product Range

  • Sophisticated high-performance modules tailored to the requirements of cleanroom-compatible assembly.
  • Certified to ISO air purity class 6 or higher.

Rotary Table TC150T CL
Rotary indexing table with torque drive TO220 CAB
Pick&Place HP 140T CL6
Linear assembly system LS280 CL

Cleanroom Solutions

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